Is it so hard to find a dream?

To catch a wish as it floats down stream?

To seek and find a child's love

Or is it but a fish enthralled with a dove?

They say that for love you can grow wings,

But can you cause the fish to sing?

And why is it always the fish that must change?

Can not the bird wings for gills exchange?

Or is the life of wings on high

the life of soaring through the sky

one more beautiful and one more free

than that of a creature born beneath the sea?

Is not floating and flying the same?

diferent only in medium and name?

Cant there be a place between,

where both can be as they are seen?

Feathered and Finned together and true

both alive in deep deep blue?

Or should you let the dream float by,

and be content in stream or sky,

telling yourself that another will come,

who captures your heart and makes it strum.

In truth i know no answer is there

to this question so tricky and unfair.

For a fish is a fish and a bird a bird

and love is truly only a word.