Chapter 2: Time to Go

Mary laid on her bed staring at her ceiling again waiting for her clock to turn one. Her backpack laid on her bay window, already packed with clothes and a small blanket and pillow to sleep on. No way was she going to sleep on a bench with nothing, after all it was winter.

She turned her head towards her alarm clock, "Just a ten more minutes" she said quietly to herself. 'Hmm, I wonder if I should leave a note for them?' she asked herself.

With that thought she got off of her bed and went to her vanity pulling out some paper and grabbed a pen to start on the letter.

Dear Family,

If you are reading this, then chances are that I actually run away. But your probably asking why would I want to run away? Well to tell the truth, most of you guys get on my fucking nerves. I mean I don't need Uncle Ray putting me down anymore, or do I need Grands and Aunt Kathy yelling at me because I don't hang around Megan. I just don't need the feel of being alone. And your probably saying that I'm not alone. Well to you guys I'm already dead! I mean really I'm always the outcast. I never seem to fit in, that's why I'm leaving. I'm leaving to so I can find myself, and to be able to be myself without you guys criticizing me.

So I guess this is good bye.. Maybe I will come back some day… But I'm not sure.. I would also like to say that I'm going to miss my favorite cousin in the whole wide world… Alyssa, Smallz, I'm going to miss you.. But you know how to contact me.. If not then you really need to get a new brain.. I'm just joking, your very smart in your own way. I have to hurry up, so this is the last time you guys will hear from me…

Love Always,

Mary Elizabeth Barrón (a.k.a: Monkey.. But for Smallz its Batman..)

Batman and Smallz 4ever!

Mary quickly looked over the letter to make sure she like it. "Well this will have to do, because time is up. I hope they understand it, but most of all I hope Alyssa understand what I mean by 'contact'. I hope she know I mean by email or by IM'ing me. Oh, well! Its time to leave this Hell hole of a town!" With those final words Mary grabbed her beg and open her window. Once she was out on the front lawn, Mary looked backed on her Grandmother's house. "I think I'm kind of going to miss this place" she thought to herself as she made her way to the main road. Leaving her former life behind her, and walking towards her new one.

She walked along the main road heading out of the town, that she mostly grow up in, and walked towards the city. Ever so often she would have to hide in a ditch or hide behind a bush, because of cars that were driving past her. Sometimes one of the head lights would belong to that of a Sheriff and she would quickly jump into a ditch.

"Damn, why are this damn sheriffs out so fucking early!" she yelled quietly to herself, while she wait in a ditch for the sheriff to drive by.

Once the sheriff was a good ways away, she quickly got out of the ditch and dusted herself off. "Damn it! I'm never going to get to the fucking city with you bastards driving by me all the God damn time!" She yelled.

After about three hours of walking, she finally made it to the city all in one piece. Even if her hair was a complete mess with leaves from the bushes and her clothes all dirty from the ditches. She finally made it to the city, and she was walk straight towards the park. She was surprised to see that people were still there, it was like about an hour and a half until the sunrise. But she kept on walking, until she walked straight into something or someone making her fall to the ground.

"Oh, am so sorry" she apologized while she was still on the ground.

"Its alright, I'm the one who should be apologizing." Came the voice of a young man, that most have been the one that she ran into her. The man held out his right hand for her to take.

Mary slowly took a hold of this man's hand, "Umm, thanks" she said as he helped her up.

"No, problem" the man said.

Once she was up she could finally see what the guy looked like and she was shocked at that. This guy was handsome, he was very tall standing about six feet and four inches which was tall compared to Mary who stood at five feet and six and a half inches. He had black hair that was long in the front and short in the back. He had a strong jaw line and a very nice tone body from what she could tell, and a great looking tan. He was wearing a solid black suit, with black solid vans. But for the life of her, she wasn't able to see his eyes. But the rest of him look good, he had to be around 25 years old she guessed.

There was about a minute of silence before the man broke it, "You look terrible! Are you ok?" he asked seeing that her clothes and hair were a mess.

"Oh, I'm fine." she said "No, really I'm fine" she said again seeing the disbelieve look on his face.

With the disbelieved look still on his face he replied, "Well, if you say so." He then looked up to the sky, "So what's your name?" he asked with his eyes still on sky.

"Its Mary, and may I ask you for yours?" she answered while trying to dust off her clothes.

"Hmm, would you mind if we take a little walk?" he asked as if he didn't hear what she asked. "The park, I fear isn't safe at this time of day" he quickly said seeing a worried look on her face.

'should I go with this guy? I mean who knows what he might do. He could probably rape me, but on the other hand I could be raped by some druggy. And he doesn't look like a raper but I could be wrong.' she thought to herself before answering, "Umm, sure" the man smiled when she said this and lead the way out of the park.

'Wait no! what are you thinking! This guy could kill you! Are you fucking stupid?' a voice inside of her head yelled. She was to busy paying attention to the voice that she didn't even notice that the guy was leading her straight into a very dark alley.