Chapter 4: New Home New life

Mary's eyes fluttered open taking in where she was. She most have passed out, because Lucifer was no where in sight and she was lying on a very big, very huge four poster bed, with black see through curtains all around the bed. She slowly rose from her laid down position, to get a better view of the room she was in. There was a fire place to the far right with a black leather couch and chair in front of it. There was also a small glass coffee table that had some kind of gothic design on it. In the right corner of the room next to the bed was a writing desk and on the wall next to it was a bookshelf which was full of books. Oh, and there was a small window right above the writing desk as if to let light in. To the left of the bed there was a night stand with an old fashion oil lamp that had a yellow tinted glass that had be mental to the back of it in to from a nicely artistic design. In the left corner there was two bookshelves lying the corner filled with books. Next to the bookshelves where two doors.

Mary turned her body towards the side of the bed letting her legs hang over the side of the bed. After sitting there for a couple of seconds, she pulled the see through curtain to the side and slowly rose from her sitting position and placing her feet light on the floor. She closed the curtain and turn to walk, but she tripped and fall to the floor.

"Damn it! There's a fucking step up to the freaking bed!" she yelled as she saw the bed was on some kind of petal stool to make it higher.

She rose, dusted herself off, and walked towards the two big oak doors that lead out of this room, she hoped. She slowly open the door and took a look around, and nearly screamed her head of. Stand right beside the door was two guys with nicely tone bodies, nicely tan skin, and totally shirtless. She just stood there with her head poking out of the door staring at the guy to the left. The guys finally notice the door had open, and walked so that they were standing about two feet away for the door.

The man that was to the right of Mary slowly bowed so his face was right in front of hers. "Are you coming out? Or are you just going to stand there with your head poking out of the door all day?" the man asked a little sarcastically, which made Mary a little mad. The guy to the left was just staring at her and not talking, not doing anything but standing there and staring.

Mary stared at the guy in front of her, his deep green eyes staring into her brown ones. His Black short messy hair trying to cover up his eyes, trying to make it harder for her to look into them. And that smirk he had on his face made Mary hate him, for no reason at all. "Who the hell are you guys? And why was I in this room? And why are you guys standing outside of it? And where's Lucifer?" all this question came out so fast that it would be amazing if this guys knew what she was talking about.

She said all of this as she made her way out, making the guy in front of her having to stand up straight. "I'm Matt and this guy is Adam" the one to the left answered. Mary turned her head towards him to get a real good look at him. He had light brown hair and very warm honey colored eyes. Mary didn't realize that she was staring at him until a smile slowly crept upon his face.

"And now on to why you were in that room. First off, Lucifer carried you into that room, after you guys got here. And secondly that's the place you will sleep in when you are in hell." Matt said with the smile still on his face.

Mary moved her attention towards the wall behind the guys, but then turned it towards Adam. "And the reason why we were standing outside of your room was because Lucifer told us to. Just to make sure no demons came in and tried anything with you, while you slept." Adam said with a smirk playing on his face.

"And as for where Lucifer is? We will be taking you to him so if your ready we can take you now." Adam said with that stupid smirk still playing on his face. "That is if you don't have any more annoying questions to ask?"

Mary just stared at him. Oh, how bad did she just want to smack his so sexy face, but she restrained herself. "I'm ready when you are" she said putting on her best smile she could managed.

She walked right past them with Matt close behind. She then turned around to face Adam while Matt went ahead of her, "Are you coming little girl?" she asked in a mocking baby tone.

This made Adam very, very mad. His eyes were no long that deep green but black, solid black. This made Mary kind of scared, so scared that she quickly ran towards Matt side. Matt just looked at the young woman that was holding onto his right arm, but then his gaze turned towards his friend Adam. Matt could see why this young woman was scared out of her mind, Adam could be very scary when he was mad.

Matt gently took his right arm out of Mary's grip and walk towards Adam. "Hey clam down man, you can't hurt her no matter how mad you are. The Boss doesn't want anyone to touch her, you know you'll be killed if you lay one finger on her. So clam the fuck down and lets get her to The Boss!" Matt hiss the last part to Adam just inches away from his face.

Adam's black eyes slowly faded back to the deep green they once were. Mary just stood where she was, her mind just racing a million miles per a second, 'What the hell was I thinking! I should have never said yes to the Devil, now how knows what's going to happen to me. What if I'm suppose to sleep with him! It would make sense since no one is allowed to touch me. Oh god I'm the Devil's whore!' Mary was so into her thoughts that she didn't even realized that both Matt and Adam had taken both of her arms and already walked her to a big black door. The door black with demonic pictures on it would be the stereotypical door to hell.

Shaking out of her daze look she notice that both Adam and Matt were just standing beside her staring at the door like it would move to their will. "Umm, what are we waiting for?"

"We're waiting for you to came out of that daze look of yours. Now that you are, how about you knock on the door," Adam drawn on in a bored and arrogant tone.

Mary knock on the door deciding it was probably better if she didn't retort back. The faster she got in there the faster she got away from this arrogant asshole. Her knock was so soft that she was afraid that if Lucifer was behind the door he wouldn't be able to hear it. Raising her fist to knock again, it was shortly stopped by Adam's hand quickly grabbing her wrist. "What the in Lucifer's name are you doing?" he ask with his face set in a firm glare.

Ripping her wrist out of Adam's grip with a glare to match his. "Well seeing how my first knock was really soft I thought I would knock louder. That way Lucifer would be able to hear it."

"Listen here you stupid, "

"hem" Adam was interrupted by none other then Lucifer himself and the look on Adam's face was something Mary wish she had a camera to capture it. Adam quickly recover as well as Matt and they both quickly bowed before the King of Darkness. As soon as they rose, Adam could tell that his Boss was not happy at what he saw just moments ago. "Adam what part of 'Do Not Touch her or Do Not Allow anyone else to Touch her' do you not understand?"

Lucifer quickly raised his hand to stop Adam from answering, "Before you answer also answer me this, what were you going to yell at my little angel?"

"I'm sorry sir, I do understand what was my task was, it's just that she frustrated me to no end. I didn't mean to touch her like that, I just didn't want her to disturb you." Adam answered a little force and a little scared of what will happen to him. "I'm sorry that I was about to call you a 'stupid little bitch' and for grabbing your wrist like that," Adam quickly apologized to Mary.

Before Lucifer could rip Adam a new, Mary quickly acted filling kind of sorry for Adam, "Its ok, really it's ok, I can be very frustrating. Apology expected." Mary quickly rushed it all out looking between Lucifer and Adam. Hoping Lucifer would not kill Adam no matter how egotistical he is, she didn't what his death on her hands.

"My sweet little angel, how thoughtful of you. Trying to save Adam's life" Lucifer stated in kind voice. "Do not worry I wont kill him yet, I still need him." He add seeing Mary's face. "Now come in my angel, we have much to talk about" He said with a little smirk plastered on his face.