I don't, don't trust your intentions

I do, do want to go out, with you.

But I, can't, can't let myself give in.

You're just, just too dangerous, honey

Can't you see that, through

Those dangerously yellow eyes of yours?

And what about the air, when you're here,

With me, can't you smell it, the tension?

With your keen sense of smell,

So attuned to my blood and, my fear,

And your fangs, don't they come, at my presence?

You know that it's just not meant to be.

I'd love it, your car, so black and sleek

And fast, and cool, to ride in, see-

What it's like, to sit beside you, companion

Only yours, a soulmate of sorts,

A bond that's blood and chocolate.

Just wait, things come in due course

(or so I've been told, so don't worry).

But really, I shouldn't be saying, this

Is all too far above me, my mind

Focuses too closely on this tryst-

You've captivated me, my curiosity

Pricked like your fangs while your eyes

Bore into my back, the moment before I turn

And my heart flutters from the danger, the lies.

But you know it's all because of you,

This life, my life, my love, my trust

Yes, my trust, it's yours at last, isn't that

What you wanted to begin with? My trust?