I hate the chauvinistic way you "care",

But don't care about anything, really

And expect me to do the same.

And the way you judge, but hate the way

I judge, and the way we argue, and the way

That we fight and can't agree and

Can't ask a question or answer one without

A fucking argument or awkward silence.

And I know it's not just you that's changed

But I know it's not my fault, that you

Don't care, don't care, don't care

And can't convince me that you do,

And I'm not sure you want to.

I'm like an anchor that you 'love'

That holds you back, and you resent

But I can't bring that up, because me

Thinking you resent me makes me insecure

And annoys you all the more.

And it's all your fucking fault, but I'm

Feeling guilty because you won't,

But you used to want the same thing I did,

Exactly, you're the one who convinced me

In the first place, but now it's wrong

Wrong, wrong,

And where the fuck did it go wrong?

Why didn't you say 'I've changed my mind'

To let me know that you weren't mine,

Not anymore, not in the same ways,

And now the things that seem so foreign

To you, are still familiar,

To me, and you used to like them too.

I know that people change their fucking minds

But how can you promise,

Promise, promise, swear

That this is what is, and what is right,

And then turn around and stab me in my back

Like it's not a thing at all?

And explain away that we are so young,

Like it's an excuse, a free-all from obligation.

But you know what, you immature bitch?

When I promised, and swore, I meant it

I meant it.

And it's not my fault that you were too

Immature, insincere, couldn't see that

It wasn't what you wanted, because

It's what I wanted, and I knew it

And I still do, and I'm the one being

Consistent, and faithful, and right in this.

So why is it my fault, now?

Why am I feeling down?