walking down the hall at the end of the day, i tried to move fast but one blocked my way. i moved to the left, i moved to the right, i guess he thought i was picking a fight. his biceps bulged with rage and fury, no time for this, i had to hurry. my fists clenched tight, i swung without bliss, one less ditraction, i had to piss. other kids taunted, they werre having a ball, "shut up, shut up" i yelled at them all.

my blatter was full, obscene and unhearst, i began to run, i was going to BURST! my legs got tense, my stomach grew tight, the red in my face became quite a sight. in all but one minute, things began to get silent, i shot down the hall faces turned as i went. i did not notice before me the keg, for when i tripped over it, pee ran down my leg.

well that's my story, nothing did i miss, on that very fine day that i took a piss!

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