I hate you and you hate me
So why pretend anything otherwise
Civilized chatter is all I care
None of the backstabbing high school drama
I hate you 'cause you hate me
I won't apologize for your assumptions

You won't talk to me because you know I'm mad
I'm mad because you let me down
You hurt yourself to prove some point
And now your gonna keep on hurting
Till you think everyone sees you were right
Well honestly, I don't care anymore cause you damn sure hell as don't

I'm sad because all we've worked through just goes to hell
Love may be strong but it can't cross paths that just don't entwine
Never thought I'd have to give up on something id fight to keep
Your truly gods gift to me,
I just can't keep you.

You don't get what I say to you
Or that it means stay away from me
You just know I'm here and for now it will do
But you don't understand what happens when I won't need you
Id rather not hurt, but you won't let it go
This is gonna be one big disaster

You are too blind to see exactly what you mean to me
Very few people have drawn out of me a willingness to die for
You'll never figure it out
Fine with me
I gave up on you a long time ago anyway

At least so I say