Crunch of Silent guidance
Its silent here in my time
No one about but me
No one but me to disturb natures quiet places
But I remain silent as the rest of the world except for my treading through the leaves
Crunch is the only sound I hear
Maybe its just me in my insanity but I can smell the water in the trees and leaves
And I can feel it pulling away in evaporation, leaving an invisible trail
The smokey smell of leaves dead, crushed under the feet of the silent walker
I hear carol of the bells, though not Christmas yet
You wouldn't know it, its so cold here
Crunch, aware of my disturbance of silence again
Were am I walking?
Home? I guess…
Home to the painful awareness of solitude
Crunch, I return to my silent sanctuary of falling leaves
Squish, the life of a slug taken to pay for my seclusion
I wish I were a leaf, to be born from one of the strongest and oldest beings, trees
To grow and to die and in my death be admired and to then fall away in peaceful glory
To lie in peace..
Peace is but a shadow of death,
Desperate to forget its painful past.
Though we hope for promising years after shedding thousands of tears,
Yesterdays sorrows constantly near
And while the moon still shines blue
By dawn it will turn a scarlet hue

I'm home now, and like the leaves I can become part of an atmosphere
Wish silence could last forever
Nothing lasts forever
Crunch, such a lonely sound
The sound of what has happened
Crunch of the autumn leaves
Crunch, the sound of my silent guidance

Denotes lines remembered from a game of Final Fantasy 9 by the character Kuja