Everything I know
i learned from you
Everything i do
affected by you
Everything i tend to do has some extension to you
I cant remembered how this happened
But i found it means i love you.
I loved once, and deeply lost
a blood bond, that still beats strong
that one day scared me away from getting too close to you
but part and i guess you still carry that piece of my heart
Like everything i grow attached too
i leave behind more than i seem to realize
till its to late and damage is done
far beyond repair
i don't quite understand what I'm feeling
its a mixture of pure hatred and anger, with a twinge of concern and jealousy
folded into evasiveness and quiet calm
baked into a flaky shell of confusion and understanding
No longer do I linger on why I ran away
Nor do I ponder exactly how, I could have ever run away
You, I don't get it
What is it about you
I know I knew the answer but like how I do to you
I'm avoiding it at all costs
Cause then like all good things do
you'll simply fade away
And all I'll remember is you