+ Mistress of Eternity +

Aeons for You

It was mine fault and no other's
The fate which I could not alter
The destiny which I could not change
Lay within the grasp of an unwavering hand
If hardly a stranger, yet so its ways still strange
I did expect it to stop for us.

With the sky weeping ever changing colors overhead
I spent my life, searching
And it was not years I suffered
Nor centuries I toiled
For that child's first Lover's knot was coiled
Under the dawn's creeping fingers... with you

To mete out that which burned ceaselessly within
I swam the burling river of blood to you
Yet was ceaselessly enclosed by the mete therein
And whereby, my heart, we remain apart.

And still I seek for you
If not there, then within myself
And the aeons disappear
As faded faces on a shelf.

And the road now by which I abide,
Has grown ever long and winding,
Treading the oceans of tears I shed for us,
Yet, never, ever finding... you

And I close my eyes,
Seeking shelter against the onslaught of rain
From within the womb of my soul which
Hitherto known naught but perpetual pain
Wherein, despite infinite toil, is equal in infinite longing
And as our glorious sun hastens to its setting
Closing in upon the dusk, my hope still whetting
Never letting go of... you

Forgive my love, my foolishness, I tried
And though aeons now separate us
Forget not my love, how it was I died
How it was I cried, how it was I loved you