Whoever and Wherever You Are

I want to share this life with you
Whoever and wherever you are.
I'll wait for you across this years.
I hope you aren't very far.
Some day we'll watch a sunset together
On a jetty or from the beach.
I try to push on harder,
But love seems to be out of reach.
I look out for you all the time,
For a smile that'll give you away.
The weight of loneliness seems heavier,
But for you I'll endure another day.
There was a man I thought was you,
But he glanced at me and let me go.
I hope you'll glance and hold on tighter;
Only then will I know.
I love you, whoever and wherever you are.
I'll be waiting here to catch your tears.
I want to kiss you, whoever and wherever you are.
I swear to wait a million years.

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