In lust…again

This happens to me more often than not. This shy and plain type of person I am just can't help looking. Im like a perverted man, always staring at girls, women, etc… and this I have no shame for. I am a woman in charge of her own mind. Im a time capsule waiting for true love. I can wait forever… I don't commit, and im independent. I call the shots.

But once and while, every year or so, im in lust once again. This time it's you.

I call this lust Living Under Sexual Temptations.

I was a day in the life of a fucked up teenager, when I happened upon you. You kept up with me. You stray so far, that you were closer to me with every step. Drinking, wasting time…

Doesn't this sound like most tales told at the internet fiction crossroad? Clicking on my heart and soul. Scanning your beaty eyes into my life. Allowing you to wonder, what I've been feeling. Seeking a trance you can slip into, live my life for a split second…

Lusty lives, trusty wives

Enter Lust; -noun. Intense sexual desire or appetite

- Exit

A rainy day and im off to a whole new town. Far, far, away, for the next thirty days. (thirty one) Oddly enough, our meeting was enough to strike a match. Someone was shooting fireworks off inside of my body, and they left it burning for you. How lame do I sound? How fucking LAME I am, but these thoughts can not be stopped. No matter how hard I try, I still set myself up to be heart-broken. But what happens if you feel the same way? It would be too much for my weak esteem to take in.

NO. This is not another heart-beat tale. If you've continued reading so far, you'll find out how love-less and broken-less I can get.

But this is only a prequel.