wanderlust, again.
8 september 2007

I need to move, I need to go, I need
to go and grow and yearn and seek and find;
to seek love is the greatest thing of all.
to stagnate is the only hell I know.

I shun illusions, no pretensions shake
my understanding of the world; no things
exist but my complete and utter truths.
I live to grow, I live for deepening.

my wanderlust doesn't make me lonely;
it brings me all the love I need and know.
I cannot stand complacence; better death,
its soft embrace, than unforgiving walls.

I learn to laugh, to fall in love and be;
creation, yearning, living are my life.

a/n: a response to my poem "wanderlust" that I wrote a year and a half ago. that one's published on fictionpress as well.