The alarm sounds

But I was already awake

Thinking of that succubus

Her tantalizing eyes


Cold as an antarctic glacier

But reminding me of a warm summer shower

They sparkle

As if stardust was sprinkled on her eyes at birth

Her limbs have a gentle swing that match her gentle steps

Her gentle lips

So tender

So luscious

Her voice

It sounds through the air as if it was a chiming bell

She is the embodiment of desire

Both physical and emotional

How do you see into my eyes?

How do you control me like a marionette?

There is no looking glass

There are no strings

There is the moon though

And the cell phone that I should use to call you

To talk to you

To keep you company

But they say pleasure is a sin

So apparently it's wrong to be happy

Apparently I should only think of holding you in my arms

But what is apparent isn't the only thing that exists

Our connection exists

So if you really are a succubus

I'll become your incubus