You're a Liar and 'Friends' Don't Lie

You can slam me down; destroy my image,

Judge me without reason,

If you want, turn everyone against me,

Your voice is just treason.

I've taken all that you have thrown at me,

And I'm sick of it all,

I'll keep my mouth closed and won't reply,

So I won't take the fall,

You're not worth any words I have to spare,

I'd hit you with a car,

But the loud sound would cause a commotion,

But that won't get me far.

I'll admit that I've seemed a little harsh,

I'll take some of the blame,

But you're a fake; all you do is tell lies,

So we can't be the same,

I realize we were friends for two years, yes,

But I'll throw it away,

I don't appreciate being lied to,

Don't expect me to stay,

Being friends means we can trust each other,

Not talk trash behind backs,

Go on, tell people I'm the real problem,

I'll just watch and relax,

You don't present a hard problem for me,

Go, talk, I'll just shut down,

I won't be blamed for saying anything,

Go, you can take the crown,

I'll let you believe that you've won this time,

When you think you're on top,

I'll turn the tables and lay my cards down,

And watch you as you drop.

You're a bad liar,

You just don't think anyone knows you're lying…

You're wrong.