A/N: When I don't know what the heck to write, I just start writing…the genre will come in time…maybe. And I am thinking that Ways can see in the dreams and stuff, but doesn't have complete control… (at least over these then for the story)…and he can in a way read minds? Or is it he just can see into dreams? I'll change that if that's the case.

Chapter 1

Ways glanced around the white room, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, except for the fact that it was a white room. Not many had this kind of dream without something significant happening in it. But no one except him was there, and he wasn't walking through his own dream. In a matter of moments, red coloring started seeping over the walls, floor and ceiling. Ways nearly retched at the smell, it was blood! It started dripping from the ceiling, forming a pool on the floor. A small hole had opened up in the floor, and the blood was slowly filtering down into it. He looked around, but there was no way out of the room except for the hole. And the room was starting to tilt towards it and Ways was loosing his footing. He tried exiting from the dream, but it didn't work. It was a dream, it had to be.

'Remain calm,' he thought to himself. 'I can get out of this, perhaps I just have to ride it through to the end…' He let himself fall into the hole and found himself plummeting down an emotional tunnel, every kind of emotion possible flowing through him. He saw the bottom of the hole coming up, and a rope appeared before him and near the bottom he saw a body hanging from it. Landing gently down on the floor, he looked around the room and saw various prisoners, all badly wounded. One seemed to stand out, a young woman who seemed to be in great pain, cuts and bruises all over her body. She had brown hair and silver eyes, reminiscent of some kind of creature he couldn't place.

"He…help me," she whispered, her voice seemed to carry on, as if it traveled the wind. Her eyes seemed blank, as if she herself was blind. "I see…" Then he felt himself sucked up past the dead body hanging there, up the tunnel and he was back in the room. It was white again. In the middle of the floor was a staff, lying down on the ground. It was made of oaken wood and had nature symbols carved into it. At the very top was an emerald gem. He reached out to touch it and it sparked electricity all over the place, and hit his hand. He pulled away quickly and held his right hand as it burned. But his hand didn't look burned; rather, there was a small marking on the back of his hand, an oaken leaf.

Ways awoke to the sounds of morning. His companions were still sleeping soundly on either side of him. He felt his right hand quickly and felt a scar on the back of it.

"That was an odd resting period this time around," he said, sitting up. He heard Vlei let out a snore and wondered if he should wake the two to tell them of his dream…or vision…or whose ever dream he was in. What could a dream like that mean? Was it a cry for help, as it first seemed to be, or was it a vision of a powerful artifact? He couldn't shake the feeling that that girl with the brown hair and silver eyes was alive, somewhere, and she tried to reach out somehow to anyone who could see her. Well, more so see her in that dream world because she couldn't…ask for help in reality? Was she perhaps unable to speak? He had heard her talk, however it had sounded more like it was the wind talking.

There was an answer in there somewhere. Perhaps if Vlei could start tracking down either her or the staff, then perhaps some answers would come along, not to mention more of the odd dreams, which might reveal more information. He shook Vlei gently awake and felt his friend sit up and heard him yawn.

"It's early in the morning and I was having a good nesting Ways, what do you want?" Vlei asked with a smile. "Are we going to be doing something interesting?"

"I had an odd dream last night, and I'd like you to track someone…or something down for me if we could start on that…"

"Lemme hear this dream then Ways, sounds like it could be fun."

"So what do you want to find first, the young woman or the staff?" Vlei asked, switching between translucent and solid as if he could make up his mind.

"I believe we should find the woman first, if the dream was correct, and then she is injured and in need of assistance," Ways replied. "Should we wake Eros now or wait a while longer?"

"We could just drag him," Vlei suggested.

"That would be unwise Vlei, remember what happened last time you tried that…"

"Well, we could be in a rush…"

"That is true. We do not know how well off or injured she is, and we do not know what kind of a time frame we have for finding either her or the item," Ways said.

"An adventure! Wonderful!" Vlei exclaimed. "You will be waking Eros up though, right?"

"I shall," Ways replied. "As usual."

"You woke me up to start tracking down some woman and some stupid oaken staff? There better be something good for this," Eros stated firmly as they started off towards the desert. Vlei was slightly ahead of the Eros and Ways as he was the one tracking, and they were moving as quickly as Vlei could track.

"Calm down Eros, I don't have that information yet," Ways said. "But something tells me I'll be finding out more as we are heading towards wherever this room, prison cell is."

"You better be right," Eros said. He didn't look to happy to be there, and toyed with his outfit when he could.

"Or we'll be finding out more," Vlei said. "Because it looks like we'll have company soon. Some kind of patrol up ahead…looks human to me."

"I will find out," Ways said and they paused in their travels. He started to concentrate, to enter their minds and find out what they were up to. He ignored easily enough Eros and started 'checking' into the situation. The group was definitely hostile, though if it was from the place they were heading to, it didn't seem like it. None of the warriors knew of a prison cell at all, no mention of even a torture chamber or anything like that. "This battle is easily avoidable, and they have no information that is of use to us."

"I'm coming out all this way with you two and I don't get to fight? What the hell do you think I do well? I'm not a stealthy person! I want to break down doors and kill things right now!" Eros exclaimed.

Vlei looked over at the two. "Well, I think you'll get your chance, we've been spotted." Ways turned translucent immediately and backed off slightly. He was not designed for battle, and these were just simple humans, they weren't going to be that hard for Eros to deal with on his own.

"I'll take'em," Eros said. "You just hang back."

"Me…get involved with your fun?" Vlei asked. "I'd never do anything like that." He was smiling so broadly that Eros was getting mad at him.

"GO AWAY AND LET ME HANDLE THIS!" he yelled and charged down the warriors moments before they got to them. Drawing his weapon, he easily began fighting the warriors, most of whom started running as two got engaged. He dropped one with a blow to the head, and the other with a blow to the heart. Feeling the need to rid some more anger and eliminate witnesses that could potentially bring more annoyances, he charged down the remaining warriors and killing three and accidentally knocking one unconscious.

"Ah good, you did leave one alive," Ways said. "Perhaps we can get some information out of him…"

"You said that they didn't know about any prisons or even torture rooms," Eros growled.

"Yes, I did, but that does not mean that it might not exist where they originate from. Or it might not be referred to as such. I only did a brief search of their minds Eros, calm yourself," Ways replied. Eros put his weapon away and crossed his arms, not hiding in the least the fact that he was agitated, annoyed and still had anger that he wanted to burn off.

"You know Eros, you could go run around in circles for a while until you tire yourself out," Vlei said and Eros snarled at him. "Or you could jump around in place…or do some kind of exercise." Eros was annoyed at how happy Vlei sounded with those suggestions.

"Why don't you?" he asked bitingly.

"Because I don't seem to have the energy you do that's why," he replied easily.

"YOU GO RUN AROUND!" Eros exclaimed.

Vlei started bursting out into tears. "Ways…Eros is being mean to me! Make him stop! Make him stop!" He collapsed to the ground bawling.

"Big baby," Eros growled.

"Eros, if it will make you feel better, you might still get to kill this guy off. Vlei, Eros is always like this. Perhaps you should take a moment and record the battle so he can possibly study it later if he chooses," Ways said.

"It wasn't much of a battle. They didn't put up a fight," Eros said disappointingly.

"I'll get right on it!" Vlei said, ignoring Eros's comment and pulling out a piece of parchment and going right to work, tears long gone and forgotten.

Ways had Eros bring the poor guy back to consciousness with some water, fully tied up of course and he blinked twice before trying to scream as he realized he was being held captive by the man who had killed his other teammates.

"Don't scream," Ways said gently, making a motion with his hand that Eros knew too well, asking him to not talk. Ways was the best suited for asking questions anyways, Eros knew he would just get aggravated right of the bat and would probably start beating on the guy. "We just wish to ask you a few questions." The guy nodded and Eros released his hand from the guy's mouth, wiping it off on his cloak in disgust.

"What…what do you want to know?" the warrior asked, trembling.

"I wish to know where you're group came from," Ways explained. "And if it's near here."

"We would be patrolling too far from our place of business, how stupid would that be in a desert?" the man asked. "We're from a compound up that way a couple miles."

"Now see that is fairly far from the compound" Ways pointed out.

"Who says we even came from a compound? We could have just been traveling this way and you killed us!" the man exclaimed bravely. Eros growled at him and he started shaking again.

"I saw enough of your minds to know otherwise," Ways replied. "Now where did you come from?"

"We patrol around an entrance that's about fifteen minutes from here. Its one of about 4 entrances for this 'compound' you seem so eager to find," he answered meekly.

"It must be quite big then, for I see nothing in the horizon," Eros said.

"Underground compound," the guard muttered.

"Now then, we're getting somewhere," Ways said. "In this compound, do you know if prisoners are kept there?"

"Every place has prisoners," the guard replied. "You're being very vague."

"Are these prisoners tortured or experimented on? Kept in a small room hanging from chains?" Ways asked. "And a hung man in the center of the room?"

"What kind of dreams have you been having?" the guard asked.

Ways found himself chuckling at the comment. "I would like to know that myself, but the question remains valid."

"Hell if I'd know, I'm just a simple patrol guard. Think they'd tell us anything like that?" the man asked.

"Understandable," Ways agreed and pulled out his hand to show the man the scar. He couldn't see it, but he could feel it. It was an oak leaf, received last night from the dream. "Does this seem at all familiar to you?" The guard suddenly fell silent.

"Holy…you actually had something happen to you from this dream thing Ways?" Eros asked, actually sounding slightly surprised. "Must be some strong magic used there to do that to you."

"It would have to be," Ways agreed. He turned his attention back to the guard. "Do you know of this or not? Your silence does speak volumes…"

"The…the symbol? I don't know anything about it," he said. He sounded scared. "And I wouldn't tell about that even if I did know!"

"So you do know something," Eros said. "You better cough it up or else."

"We could simply wait for you to go to sleep and I could take the information from you then," Ways suggested. "Though I do not think we have that kind of time."

"Knock him unconscious then…leave him out in the desert somewhere…" Eros trailed off.

"It's the symbol of someone that was brought in a while ago!" the guard shouted out, obviously scared for his life. Eros smiled. Threats got through sometimes just as easily as diplomatic statements.

"Someone brought in? So it's not your organization's symbol," Ways said.

"Yes, I mean, we're in the middle of a desert, what good would a leaf do for us?" the guard asked.

Ways didn't even think he had to explain what that kind of symbol could mean in the desert, it could be a symbol of attempting to grow in the desert, a symbol of hope for greener things…he sighed. This was a very vague way to start whatever it was they were starting.

"Who is this someone?" Ways asked.

"I'm done writing down everything!" Vlei exclaimed, showing off his piece of paper. Ways had almost forgotten he had suggested Vlei write up about the battle. He couldn't see what was written but knew too well that Vlei had written up a very detailed piece.

"Good, now go away," Eros said.

"No, you guys are interrogating, I want to see how it ends!" he exclaimed.

"Quiet both please," Ways said gently. "Now, who was this person with a symbol?"

"I never saw him, I swear. Only heard about it from another guard who was. Said it was someone cloaked in colors of the earth and forest. There was an oaken symbol as his cloak clasp," the guard said.

"It was a male?" Ways asked. "That's what you heard? This is very important…"

"Yeah, I heard it was a guy, I think. The other guy didn't see it that well…" the guard murmured regretfully. Eros hit the guy on the head and knocked him unconscious.

"What did you do that for?" Ways asked.

"I think we got all we could out of him, its time to move on," Eros growled. "What difference does it make if it's a guy or a girl? You saw what you saw and he heard what he heard!"

Ways let that one slide. "Very well, let's find this entrance. There is more to be uncovered that meets the eye."


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