Sunrise on the Loch

Glistering the orb doth rise

Behind the heather-cloak'd dale

As chittering the wild things rouse

In wake of dawn's cold shine.

The birds they call to greet the morn

The breeze doth slowly gather

As Fey-wove cloth of peach and gold

Streaks the dawn-sky's clouds and draws

Pale rays to spangle the mirror plane

Of shimmer'd waters' depth.

The young boy trudges 'mongst the reeds

A-fishing for his meal

The silvered trout that flip and splash

The slimy eel that slip and squirm.

He casts the net with skill and care,

The little fishes best beware,

For he the hunter patient be

For Little Sister, Mother, Pa,

Anticipate his haul to sup,

With brown-grain'd bread and salt.

Softly little spirits skip

Across the frost-edged lake,

Chortl'ing gaily as they flit

'Cross rippled wave and bank.

Mischievous small mimickers

'Tis they disturbing chilly pool,

A'calling wasps and dragonflies

To buzz about young fisherboy

Attention snatch with jewel-like wings

And half-remembered song.

Resolute the boy doth blink

And drag his gaze away

The childhood dreams be pretty but,

Empty stomach agrees not.

Out the corner of creas'd lids

Childhood memories twirl and call

But fancy-free the boy must be

Already man in work he does

Working class and born to last

Hardship, suff'ring and winter cold.

Silently the poetess

Steps in dew that soaks her dress

Awand'ring in the misty light

For inspiration she doth seek.

The boy she sees, a smile awakes

Amus'd by the frog-ling character cut

As dress'd in green and pondweed-draped

A comic figure young boy seem.

But serious his face remains,

As net he casts for wat'ry yield.

The young boy spots the poetess

Though her presence he ignores

Foolish girl would better spend

This time of morn abed and warm.

With hands a-glov'd and neck a-scarv'd

The delicate damsel lifts her gaze

Views cheeky spirits with mind's eye

Inside her sketchbook charcoals lines

Showing elfin dancers' steps

Her mind's eye is lively yet.

With eyes alight she watches as

Young Fisherboy his dinner snares,

With whoop of joy and face well split

His grin of triumph shining swift.

For fleeting moment dreams return

Heroic stature perchance earned

As sister's happy countenance

Doth float in air before his sight

A trick of Fey? Perhaps, yet still

For moment short his Spring returned.

Young poetess records this too,

Fey and Fishboy share a page

Of youthful glee and childish hope

Oft press'd so small in harsh world's scene.

The Fisher boy now takes his haul

And wanders home with head held high

The mists dispersing, dawn is done

Cool sky's azure in morning sun

With plover's song the young girl turns

Also to home her feet now tread.

Two spirits sep'rate in their lives

Their class, their homes, their knowledge

Two spirits brought together by

The atmosphere of Dawn.