Rated Mature
Excessive blood and gore. Distrubing Scenes and Vagor Langague. Not for those with a weak heart. Read at your own risk.
Disclaimer: Everything in this story is my own original work and claimed everything. Every name, places and events are all fictional and concidential if it relates to anything outside of this story.


The heavy stench of freshly made blood lingered in the numerous hallways of a high school. Every section throughout the campus was painted in a dark crimson color. With deep scarlet puddles littering the ground, lifeless dead bodies added to the finish touch. Their dying expressions told that they died without even knowing, however, some were left in pure agony. Pieces of their bodies lie scattered around like forgotten garbage. Sliced apart without a moment hesitation or given a thought. Not a single student would have known that this was their last day of their lives.


Sounds of metal scrapping the surface of the crowded floor could be heard. The disturbed deafening noise echoed the isolated hallways like nails against a chalkboard. A long thick blade of a scythe curved down and the tip dragged along the ground. He held it in place to scare anyone that was still alive. He knew some were alive because he let them, however, now it was time to end their pitiful life. He casually moved through the hallways unfazed by the sight of the dead. His black hair fell down his head and covered his black eyes but failed to hide his sadistic smile.

Kill. Murder. Slaughter. Genocide. Cut them to pieces. Leave no one alive. They all deserve to die.

He calmly ignored the sinister voice that slurred in his mind in the most provocative way. Every step he took dip into a puddle of thick liquid as he made his way to his target. He raised his weapon and the piercing sound came to a sudden halt. It was silent except the muffled sound of his leather boots sinking in and out of the pools of blood. The door came into view and his smile grew wilder at the thought of his blade slicing through more victims. His free hand gripped the brass knob and slowly twisted the handle, delaying the time.

Several students and teachers crowded close together in a corner watching the door. Their eyes were intensively focused on the twisting of the doorknob as fear took control. The door loudly creaked as it leisurely open, while the survivors shook hysterically as they knew who it was. The blade of the scythe entered first as the black-haired male followed pursuit and quickly sensed the intensity in the room. He quietly made his way to the other side where in the corner he saw several female students, which he recognized one of them.

He lowered his weapon as the two looked at each other eye to eye. As the other girls were crying, she kept some dignity but still stared at him with pure terror. He moved closer to them as she kept her eyes lock on him and noticed that his eyes were the same as before. She finally realized that he wasn't force to do this and that this was what he wanted all along. She signed heavily and stood up as the male looked at her with curiosity and amusement. Before she was able to say something, he swung his scythe and the staff hit her from the side and caused her to fall to the side.

Blood was pouring out of her mouth as she was on all fours in front of the madman. His foot quickly collided into her side and it forced her over onto her back. She tried to scream in pain from the sudden vicious attack but she cloaked on her own blood. The girls sobbed heavier and didn't even have strength or will to scream their fear. He looked at them as the girl on the ground also looked and blood suddenly spatter on her face. Ear piercing screams were released as he had sliced one of the three girls in half and the body laid in pieces.

"P-please, n-n-no m-m-more," one of the two girls begged.

Kill her.

The male closed his eyes as he frowned and sighed at the annoying voice that echoed in the back of his mind. As soon his eyes opened, he swung his scythe at the other girl that stayed silent. It brutally sliced off one of her arms and viciously hacked a huge hole out of her leg. The arm plopped to the ground as blood sprayed profusely onto the ground and she let out a shrilling shriek. She look at her body in sheer anguish and disbelief, seeing that a long segment of bone was showing. Blood oozed in the hole and quickly filled up, falling down the sides of her leg, pudding around her. Her eyes were wide as she kept shaking her head as she soon passed out by the shock and pain. The other girl was gasping for air as she was having trouble breathing as she saw what he did.

Kill them now! End their miserable life quickly!

The male irritably swung his weapon towards the girl, and the blade only sliced at her wide-opened eyes. It easily slit them open as she immediately closed her eyes and gave a sharp wail of pain. Blood quickly trailed down from her closed eyes and down her pale face while she continued to scream. He quickly brought his scythe down to the unconscious girl and the blade smoothly decapitated her head. The blade moved backed toward the other girl at an angle and sliced the teenager, which ceased her wailings. Her body slid apart and blood gushed out onto the soaked ground with the other girl's crimson fluid. He smiled pleasantly at his handy work and turned around, steadily walking towards the door.

You forgot oneā€¦

He quietly ignored the constant echoes in his mind as the girl he kicked earlier was silently getting up to her feet. Once up, she leaned to the side and used both hands to hold the side of her bruised stomach where he kicked her. She confusing looked at him as it seemed he spared her, which confused her more. She stepped forward but he suddenly stopped in his tracks and she quickly stepped back in fear, while she watched him standing still. It seemed like forever before he continued walking forward as she closed her eyes and sighed with a hint of relief. She opened her eyes seeing him swinging the blade at her, which she widened her eyes, and suddenly time stood still.

"Do you see the problem in this," a deep male voice called out in a dark room. Only the projected image of the blade almost coming in contact with the female could be seen

"I do not," a much younger male voice spoke out.

"You do know that this is forbidden by the rules," a female voice calmly told the young male.

"Rules are meant to break, besides, I done nothing wrong."

"True that you done nothing wrong but it was your selfish actions that were forbidden. You do know that the Arnic you gave him will completely consume his body, mind, and soul. It was defective and defiled, and was also not permitted to give to mere mortals. We do not know what will become of this sick and twisted creature but you are warned. If this Arnic gets out of hand, then we have no choice but to punish you on the highest accountability." the deep male voice continued.

"I stand by my actions. I am fully aware of the unstable condition of the Arnic that I gave him. I also believe that this mortal was the perfect match for it and could easily handle it. Did you notice that he ignored the Arnic words from his mind and chose to do what he wanted? If you're worried that I'll gain the upper hand then I guess by all rights be worried. Why choose innocent mortals and wait till they break in order for them to feed the Arnic? I believe that this mortal doesn't need to break in order to feed the thirst for blood and will do it faster than the others."

"As long you are aware of the situation you are putting yourself in, then we are hereby oblige to acknowledge your decision. However, if the Arnic seems to be a threat to our plans then we have no choice but to terminate it and also give you punishment as severe."

"Glad for you to see it my way."

Phew, finally finished this prologue and it took me two weeks to do cause I was so freaking lazy. Anyways this is the most violent and distrubed story I could come up as the main character is litearlly pure evil, sick, twisted, mental and truly insane. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this short installment as most of the chapters will be almost this length or little bit longer. Anyways, take care!