Chapter II: DARK-NESS.

"Sad rose for life because I am already dead
So taste "it" and we will never be alone
I'll take the first bite, yeah, I am Ghost
Say goodnight to you, my darling, my darling."

I AM GHOST Pretty people never lie – vampires never really die

I've been having an unusual problem in staying awake during the day, strangely only feeling at ease after sunset but that was the least of my worries, what worries me the most is the fact that I could not seem to recall any events prior the time I was here. There is also this other matter, although I don't feel as bad as I was the first night but I have yet to feel completely well. It had already been a week now since then, he and I have yet to engage longer conversations, this infallible man. Aside from his impassive mundane greetings, he comes in just to bring food, wick or hot water for my bath. I do not know if he have other people working under him, if he had any servants at all I have not met one.

The other night I awkwardly found out his real name, it was heavily pouring outside and I was reluctantly forced to stay indoors. I was beginning to feel suffocated by how redundant everything were, true that everything were incredibly spacious and the garden spread lushly from the view of my veranda with its immaculate well-tended arrays of beautiful flowers and its aromatic scent of tantalizing ambrosia made the long stay bearable, yet I couldn't do as much than to explore any farther than the confines in this bedchamber. There wasn't much to expect, when I feel tired all the time.

A gush of relentless wind rattled the pristine glasses that made me tore off my glance, letting it lightly settle to the growing familiar body stepping in from the entrance to my room.

He came in with a leather bound book in his hand. It had looked thick and aged it smelled worn and its pages I guessed if touched would feel as ancient as it looks. I had my eyes warily on those hands, when it reached out placing the book on my lap.

"what is it?" taking the book and running my palm on its cover before flipping it on first page.

"in the dead of the night." His deep voice placid resounded in my head, making me shrewdly fixate myself on his lips trying to see if he had really spoken those words out loud.

"I had thought you might want to read." his mouth moved, earning a smile on my lips with the absurdity of my recent thoughts. I let my gaze lazily drift to meet those eyes reflecting the fire from the wick that had seems to dance so scandalously in them giving form into those pools of darkness such liquid silhouettes of two bodies heatedly intertwined.

What happened next was not of my own doing, I had no recollection after. I must have drowned in those surreal blue-gray orbs of his for once again I had awoken with him on my side and I, feeling terribly not myself.

.. liquid silhouettes of two bodies heatedly intertwined. I saw us, this man and I, in it he was my possession both body and soul.

"…Dark." I had said it almost like question. As soon as the word left my mouth my entire body convulated, heat dissipating throughout so instantaneously my insides spasm sporadically, shaking the very core of my systems. It was as if blue flames were ignited from inside out creating an image of fear, as my body combusted, it shot through my mind like a recovered piece of memory.

It was horrible, my own burned flesh filled my nostrils, I watched in terrifying disbelief the muscles in my hands melting baring the bones, the flames eating out through the sockets of my eyes burning through my nerves taking away the pain with it. It spared not a single square inch of my skin, going to the fascia deeper to the dermis engulfing everything leaving nothing but Darkness about me, if I could have cried, I would have.

"Marcus… Marcus… please…" the voice that I could not deny, this voice that is calling me…was crying… the voice of this man was the same white light from the darkness that was he reminding my soul were it rightfully should be, a chance for me to be reborn as his.

I awoke soaked in the rain held by light and Darkness, the arms on my shoulders trembling, his words breaking in my ears.

"Dark…I'm sorry…" drawing away wanting to see him, a sad smile on my lips. I lifted my finger to trace down those perennial tears.

"….I'm sorry…" I feel so exhausted.

He had tightened the hold on me more an act of desperation than an act of concern sinking his head on nook of my shoulders. I could only close my eyes as I hear him sob, I myself was trembling, completely terrified, wrapping my weak arms on the back of his head, desperately needing the feel of him, seeking life. I could almost not bear it, my own tears falling.

I let him kiss me, placing deep love marks on my neck. I felt his sharp heated fangs scrape on my burning skin, the blood beneath pulsating thickly, he took his time nibbling, gently biting but never piercing, with his sensual tongue he licks every part were his sharp teeth had grazed circling wetness. I arched my neck leaning it away from where his head was granting him more access, I softly moaned under him.

When his lips reached mine, without knowing any reason how or why I surrendered to Dark-ness….

"What happened last night?" a wonder, pain, confusion, all heavily anchored lacking the memory or the ability of comprehending the things that happened.

He had been sitting beside me when I woke up, sitting on an asian cushion chair with embroidered black dragons ascending on gray skies the mahogany dark wood was also engrave with foreign characters. He had looked like a dark angel to me the tinted night-light that streaks on his hair gave the impression of a halo, he is undoubtedly a beautiful man. The sight of him gave a dull ache tugging on my heart.

Silence. Quicken heartbeats.

No answer came from my question, not even evoking any stir from the relaxed body instead…. light snoring escaped his mouth.

He is sleeping. I did not expected but now seeing him asleep his features had lightened, he looks peacefully harmless… here it is again that odd quick heartbeats.

Quicken heartbeats. Silence.

I don't know why, but my body moved without any thought in my mind. In mere seconds I am kneeling in front of him, spreading out my hand to touch his own ones on his lap. The skin beneath my fingers is soft and pleasantly warm, I let my face lay on his palms suddenly eager for his warmth.

I wasn't surprised, when I felt him caressing my hair running his hand gently on the back of my head and once again I am lulled back into sleep.

There were no dreams of running. No dreams at all, except comforting Dark-ness.


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