By Cactus Flower

Noise bounces all around us
Laughter, voices, verbal sparring
Jokes, stories, dirty banter
Making plans for next Friday
Knowing it won't happen

Never carrying through
Not really caring

Speak of death far away
The thing that claims you in old age
That comes in many forms
Bash your skull in
Slit your wrists
Fall asleep
and never wake up

Is it painful? Do you grow cold?
Or hot?
Or feel nothing at all?
Means nothing now. Will come with time

The PA system thrusts in
"I'd like to have a moment of silenceā€¦."

Surrounded by colorful shadows
Shapeless figures gesturing
Pretending to talk, pretending to care
Grow faces just to frown
Paste smiles for a happy picture

Don't want to be here
Go away

Ring around the pureness
A pocketful of vices
Ashes, ashes
We all



Yet another Literature assignment. We were supposed to write a poem similar to Hemmingway's The Hollow Men. The format didn't come out right, but fictionpress won't let me fix it.