I hope you are satisfied
I pray that you burn in your mistakes
that this lie you've created,
worms through your bloodstream
like a disease.

I tremble at the thought of your face,
in the shadow of your falseness
knowing your desperation,
that you reached out
for the first piece of flesh
you could sink your guilt into.

this love that you found
is only temporary.
I see through you, like a mirror
like a ghost that can't move on.
you will walk through this life empty,
for eternity
because you use the peolpe who won't give in,
to your hands.

you picked the wrong person to fuck with.

am not an emotional toothpick
don't clean your teeth with me
I, will bleed you.
you will cough up blood and tears.
this splinter,
a constant reminder of another soul you have offened.

am not your sweater.
you don't get to wear me around
for temporary warmth,
until you find a better coat.
just put that coat in the dryer
and watch in unravel,
but I am marked
dry clean only,
handle with care.

When I look at the stars
I see hope
not death.
push me so far into my mind
that stars become darkness
and, I
become unrecognizable.
your negativity forces me
to re-evalute
my emotions, my life
and it effects you not.

On top of buildings,
in alleys,
and fountains that are dry.
we, think of jumping,
to be like concrete.
to not, be.

I walk away
push through the paint of the horizon
you drew,
through the box you made.
to a future of life that will
drown your darkness.
I turn my back to your smile
my walk pleading that you follow
yet, you remain
to poison another with your philosophy.

will not

will fight you.
to the death,
I find, we welcome.

I will not fight with anger
or hate
or violence.
I will fight using your ignorance-
and bury you with words.
you will fear my
adjectives, nouns and verbs.
you will fear the prose
I spit in your face.
you will not turn your back on my truth,
you will hear me,
like a rampent heartbeat;
this rythem of life that allows you to breathe
you will listen to it beat
slower and,
with every word I speak.

throw up your arms
because I fight with the fire
of righteousness, of life
life you deny,
don't blame me if you bring the fire of hell,
the fire of liars.
your damnation of anti-life, will follow you
forever leaving footprints of blood in your wake.
look into my eyes
and breathe the warmth of love,
of pure existance,
and know
that the journey exceeds your frame.

know why you cry
I used to cry the same tears
swam in an ocean of loneliness,
but I grasped the dirt of dry land
and you,
slowly drown.
and while you
try to push my head under water,
in this mass of souls,
a hand reaches for me-
while you only grab,
and miss.
until you scratch the surface of another
willing to commit.

as you kiss their eyes shut,
that I have a threasehold of air
and, I
will wave from shore
as you sink in the waves of your tears.