Author's Notes: After having recently finished my Dante series ( or maybe not - I just haven't decided whether i should make a sequel or not ), I've taken a bit of a rest and I've just happened to get this sudden inspiration for the story. Before my dear readers begin flaming me over the religious concepts in this story, I have to make my disclaimer.

Disclaimer: Please note that the contents of this story ( and the plot, characters, names, etc ) are entirely fictitious and the terms may have been borrowed from Western and Eastern religions BUT may not be related at all to their respective religions.

I'm a Taoist and Buddhist. A mixture of both and I live in a Christian community but that doesn't mean I know alot about these three religions. But i will do my homework and read up on them. I won't be updating alot ( or maybe not at all ) or at least not until november or december. I've another disclaimer to make.

Disclaimer: The protagonist in this story may share the name "Dante" with my previous stories but they are not related at all to one another. The reason I've chosen the name "Dante" is just due to ... uh, a sort of weird habit of mine. I've been so used to using his name in my previous Dante series that I don't think i can stop using it, at least not just yet.

So enough of my talking. Here's chapter one. It isn't supposed to be this short and I'm used to writing longer chapters. But well, please read and review!

Chapter 1 - Descent

"No, Chris, don't! Let – let me see god! I need to speak to him! Where- where's he? This is all a mistake … I – I can explain myself!" Dante knelt weakly on the clouds, his lips caked with dried blood.

"Traitor. There is no need for explanation. God will not see you. The charred wing on your back is evidence of your contract with the devils." The angel whom he called Chris replied coldly and then took a step forward. A second three-winged angel partook together in the banishing of Dante from heaven.

"No – no, I can expl-" But the ritual had already begun.

"Goodbye, Dante." Chris murmured as he summoned a flaming claymore which materialized within his fingers. "We were friends once and I can't say I won't be missing you."

"Let me explain!" Dante screeched. "I can! I can! I'm innocent! I've done nothing wrong! I've helped the Lord fight with all I could! I am loyal!"

"This is the Lord's will. If you claim to be loyal, obey it."

Chris stared down at Dante's dark shaking figure. The formal Seraphim had only two wings left, the third charred to its roots. The remaining two wings were a dark crimson, very much in contrast to the snowy white wings of Chris and his companion guard.

"Will you obey the Lord's will?" Chris repeated.

Dante wiped at his bloody face, the blood both of his own and of others. The fallen Seraphim bit his lips and glanced up nervously to the towering figures of Chris and the other Seraphim guard.

"I – I will."

Chris nodded. "I am glad, Dante. Your conscience is clean. Yet the Lord is never wrong in his decisions. I am sorry." The three-winged Seraphim raised his claymore and lay the blade onto Dante's scalp, the cold blunt edge pressing firmly against the fallen Seraphim's forehead. "Goodbye." Chris whispered.

The silver halo hovering above Dante's head instantly lost its holy glamour and Dante was no longer bathed in its aura. The halo clattered silently to the floor and shattered into numerous shards. Dante stared down at these shards and suddenly flung his neck forth, his face raised to the sky.

And then the fallen Seraphim howled a cry so sorrowful that it brought Chris to the verge of tears.

The deafening howling lasted for minutes before Dante's vocals wheezed to emit only mere dry sputters. He had shattered his vocal cords after crying aloud to his limits. Dante noticed a sweet thick liquid within his mouth, He spat it onto the floor.


His throat bled profusely.

A pair of pale hands pressed themselves against Dante's back and gradually suppressed the fallen Seraphim's consciousness. Dante struggled to resist against the hypnosis but Chris motioned for him not to.

"Your descent to the mortal realm is going to be a painful one. I think you would prefer not to be conscious when it happens."

Dante swallowed and nodded. He closed his eyes and after a period of silence, he opened them once again. "Chris." He croaked. "Can I ever return to heaven again?"

"No. You know it, Dante. The moment you lose your halo, you can never return. Regardless of how much power you might wield, to force an ascend without a halo would plunge you into the depths of a misty maze which barricades heaven from the mortal realm."

The Seraphim companion by Chris' side spoke abruptly. "Dante."

Dante looked to the Seraphim guard.

"Listen to me. Do not force an ascend." The guard smiled briefly before the grin was wiped and he continued coldly. "I've admired you since I was newly-born. You were my idol, so don't die. There's a way to return." He gathered the halo shards from the floor into his hands. "I will release these with you into the mortal realm. Gather them and return. Perhaps, the Lord will have forgiven you already by the time you piece together your halo."

A glint of hope glittered within Dante's eyes.

"Why are you telling him this?" Chris snapped. "You will get us into trouble!"

The Seraphim guard shrugged. "You have to go now. The halo's effects on you have ran out."

Dante nodded and whispered almost inaudibly. "Thank you." The fallen Seraphim struggled to bring himself onto his feet. Yet when he seemed to have accomplished this feat, the floor of heaven liquefied and Dante sank right through the ground. Without his halo, heaven can no longer support his weight.

"Good-goodbye, my Lord." Dante tumbled through the eighteen levels of heaven and descended swiftly and awkwardly to the mortal realm. A moist drop of tear ran down his chin. "My – my Lord, was I really in the … wrong?"

47 years later …

"Mr. Crawford, a client demands a meeting with you." The phone on the tabletop buzzed in a message from his secretary. Henry Crawford sighed and replied hastily.

"Is he scheduled for an appointment?"

"No, Mr. Crawford."

Henry scowled. "Schedule him one and ask him to return then."

"Mr. Crawford, but- "

The door to his private office burst open, the hinges dislodged in the process. Henry released the receiver, allowing it to clatter noisily onto his table as he looked up to the intruder. It was a man, most probably a teenager edging towards the end of adolescence.

"Good afternoon, Mr. Henry Crawford. I am not sorry for my intrusion. I have an urgent matter here." The teenager grinned, flashing two rows of white teeth. He turned to boot the door with his heels, slamming it right into the secretary's face. The teenager then bolted the door, effectively locking Mr. Crawford from his secretary.

"Manager, do you require assistance? Should I call for security?" The secretary buzzed in a message, adding a false tinge of concern in her voice.

"No, not yet. I shall see what this man here has to say." Henry looked away from the phone and motioned for the intruder to sit onto the swivel chair before his desk.

The teenager shook his head coldly. "No."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I despise your insincere hospitability, demon." The teenager announced, lowering his voice.

Henry Crawford widened his eyes and shot up to his feet. "Be careful of what you say. What you have spoken of has nothing to do with me, now out! Get out of my office! I prefer to work in peace and serenity."

"Your disguise fools not the eyes of an angel." The teenager smirked softly and with a swift snap of his fingers, unshielded his crimson wings and summoning them into view. "Demon. If you do not wish to be exorcised, surrender the halo shard."

"Nonsense." Henry licked his lips nervously, his forehead drenched wet with sweat. "Nonsense." He repeated.