She never seems to laugh anymore and it hurts to see her pained.
Every smile is more fake than the last, and I think that she believes
That we can't see. But she's always been obvious since we first met.
But that was years ago, and times and people change. Has she also?

I used to see her smile, true and pure. She was always so happy.
She used to dance and sing and play. She used to be so very strong,
It makes me wonder who she is, if she's really the same person
I once knew. This one that's too frail to smile that beautiful smile.

It's true once I loved her, but now that love has gone. For she is gone.
The person I once loved is no more, all is left is a shadow
Of what she once was, of who she used to be. A shell of her soul.
I still care for her, and I wish I could heal her, but it's too hard.

I'm not able to heal someone who has been broken beyond repair.
All my duty is, is to watch over her and to take care of
The body. For the soul is gone and the heart is shattered into
Pieces. All I can do is to hold her until she fades away.

For it's impossible for her to die. Since she's already dead.
I suppose, in a way, she's recieved the gift: immortality.
But this is an unwanted present. A present she would like to
Exchange. Exchange for a soul, echange for a heart, exhange for death.

Anything is better than where she's at now. Anything, even
Death. My days are numbered. She'll outlive even me. Me who has lived
a lonely life. A life where I shall perish. My memory will
go. But hers will remain. Forever existant. Forever pained.