They say Demons are evil creatures, and I am not one to argue with such a statement but I have also come to believe that every Demon has a heart. Some are cruel, some are cold, and some simply do as they are told, but each Demon is very different that any other of his comrades. They like different foods, enjoy different types of music, and are attracted to many shapes and sizes of women. I suppose they are just like their Angelic counterparts save for their choice of leader.

Who can really say that Demons are wrong in their decisions? I've seen Angels do terrible things and I've seen Demons do the same terrible things. The only difference I find between the two is who sees the actuality of what they have done. What I mean to say is, Angels kill in the name of good and justice, but does that good make their murder right? A Demon kills and will freely admit the murder he committed was wrong, so shouldn't his honesty make him right, at least on a small level?

I choose to stand in the middle. I believe that neither Angels nor Demons are wholly right or wholly wrong. Tis all a bit confusing, I confess and it does make matters difficult for me since I live in a world where most people see things as black and white. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who sees the multitude of gray shades that flutter like a thousand butterflies.

Perhaps I shouldn't have allowed myself to sympathize with the enemy, but how can I help it when the Demons are all such gentlemen? Mind you, tis the Demon lords of which I speak. Of course the lower class Demons lack the same high manners and dark elegance, but the Lords more than compensate for the lackluster ways of the soldiers.

You may find it difficult to believe but when they are not terrorizing villages or fighting the Angels that follow Gabriel, they are so very polite. They watch their language around ladies, dance well, and make sure everyone is enjoying themselves. The Demons enjoy song and dance and some blame them for the allowing humans knowledge of such things. I couldn't help but suspect them after seeing their dances. The balls in Hell are like nothing anyone could hope to glimpse in Heaven.

The dark reds and midnight blues of clothing dance across the floor and skies like a spell woven from some desperate corner of your heart and tis nothing one can do to keep from sighing. There is a dark beauty amongst the Demon nobility and I know tis something I shall never master. Their music is even so mystical that you feel as though it is playing from your very soul, betraying all the deepest secrets of your mind. Perhaps it does just that. One can never be too sure when dealing with such creatures and they.

Alas, I am but a fanciful child, or so everyone tells me, and my words fall upon death ears if ever I should mention my thoughts of the Demon Lords and Ladies. No Angel would dare listen to such a tale. I do not blame them. They are doomed to fight one another, these Angels and Demons. Tis hard to see a choice other than war.

I still wish sometimes, though never aloud, that there was someway my two lives of Heaven and Hell could easily become one. Tis a silly hope and one I know tis impossible. But still… I love the mysterious shadows as much as I love the shimmering light. Am I such a fool for that?