Inspired to using a Bible for a hard surface to write on and getting your write on at 1 in the mourning to My Chemical Romance.

What Would Jesus Do?

having a loved one die
is standing with dozens of people
and being absolutely alone.

to get the news
is breaking down
with a complete stranger.

but to give the news...
that's crying with dry eyes,
too tired to even think past
the next name on the list.

being there,
holding hands and praying
to imaginary gods,
is breaking every bone
and in total awareness of the consequences.

and not caring.

this night
is writing the epilogue
to a monologue
stopped after the first line
and the sermon
for tomorrow's day break.
on the bible,
torn and bloated
with past hurts,
it all comes together
in a way that makes
pastors cringe
and book binders shake
angry fists.

call it blasphemy,
but the most
John 15:17
is going to help
is a flat surface
on which to write
the final rites.