In the time where humans and dragons lived side by side, the world was divided into 12 countries. Each country had its own kind of dragon - Silver, Gold, Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Sapphire, Amethyst, Opal, Jade, Pearl and Shadow. Each tribe of dragon had their own dragon keeper, dragon keepers are dragons that take the form of humans to guard and protect their tribe. Yet each dragon has an individual stone that is their source of power and life. Without their stone, they would perish and not live long. A dragon keeper's stone is no different except when touched by the keeper or willed upon the keeper it changes into its other form. A dragon keeper is vitally important to its tribe, as once he/she dies the whole tribe would die as well.

For each tribe of dragons there are two human lines, in order for the keeper's family line to continue the two lines must marry. The child produced by the current dragon keeper would be the heir to that duty. In each generation only one dragon keeper is produced, the other's in the family are all normal humans.

Show me what it's like
To be the last one standing
And teach me wrong from right
And I'll show you what I can be
And say it for me
Say it to me
And I'll leave this life behind me
Say it if it's worth savin' me

Chapter One: The Last Silver dragon keeper


Enrique Tahlor was growing old, and he knew it, his once lush brown hair was starting to turn metallic grey. He needed to find Eleanor of Swayne and soon.

Enrique was the current Silver dragon keeper and the last of his family line. The Tahlor family had been horrifically murdered by an unknown socceror from the Shadow Dragon territory.

Enrique had come home from his training after 12years of being away to find his family dead and his home burnt to the ground. Now he was desperate to find Eleanor of Swayne, desperate to continue his line before something or someone killed him as well.

He flew urgently to the Swayne family grounds, landing carefully he changed back to human form. The white courtyard was empty; vines wrapped themselves around the walls. The once splendid home was in ruins, Enrique stood shocked, and it could not be. Was the Silver dragon's line to end now?

Suddenly a door shuddered, and a frail old woman shuffled out towards him. Enrique blinked warily, this dusty woman did not one bit resemble the proud, beautiful woman she had once been. This dusty woman was Karolle Swayne, the head of the Swayne family and quite possibly the last.

"My Honor," Enrique murmured as the old woman stopped in front of him, he bowed humbly.

"Son, get up! Make haste, Eleanor still lives but was taken away by the King of Salmir last year," Karolle blazed angrily. "He had no right to take her, but yet he did and it was probably for the better." She looked around sadly.

"I don't understand, what happened?" Enrique asked.

"Have you not heard? Eleanor and you are the last of this tribe and the child you two bear will be the last of us." With that the Karolle gave a piercing wail and fell to the floor. Enrique quickly bent down and held the frail woman carefully, how could this be? He thought quietly.

"Where is this king?" He muttered. Karolle looked up, her purple eyes flashed warningly.

She lifted a wrinkled hand up to his face and touched his cheek gently, "The king lives at the northern most point of Salmir, and you'll know when you see it. Enrique I must warn you, Eleanor was taken by the king to be his Queen."

Enrique frowned, "She promised," the unhappy woman patted his shoulder and pushed him away from her.

"Go now! Make haste!" She slowly stood up and walked back into her broken home.

Enrique looked one last time towards the tumbledown house; he looked to the sky and touched his stone. He wore his silver stone on a black string as a necklace.

Taking a deep breath he lifted his wings and flew towards Salmir.


She was a petite lady, long straight black hair that grew down to her waist and startling blue eyes. Eleanor felt a pang of grief as she stared out her bedroom window. This was no true home of hers, she was a prisoner of her own home, and the king kept her as a trophy and locked her in the castle.

She was aging fast, and had not borne the king any heirs at which he was very angered about. Eleanor knew the truth, she was the chosen bride of Enrique Tahlor her childhood love. Only his child could she bear, only in his arms would she ever feel safe.

Sighing, she turned away from the window and walked to her doors and opened them. The king was currently away on business and she was free to wonder without causing any suspicion.

She walked slowly down the grand stairs and to the front hall. Calling her groom, she decided to go out for a ride on her mare – Star. Outside, carefully mounting Star, she rode off.

Closing her eyes she dreamt, dreaming she was still back in her family home waiting for Enrique. Imagining her reunion with Enrique, she sighed happily and for a few seconds today she would be truly happy even if what made her happy was an imagination.

Suddenly her keen ears picked up a sound, a flapping of leathery wings that sounded way too familiar. She opened her eyes and blinked wondrously, was that not Enrique? Was she still dreaming?

"ENRIQUE!" She called out excitedly as she realized she in fact was not dreaming but it was reality. The silver dragon landed softly in front of her and changed into Enrique in front of her very eyes.

Smiles filled both their faces as they both ran at each other and embraced, "Oh, Enrique you came!"

He pushed her gently away, "You didn't wait for me!" He accused. Eleanor looked into his eyes and saw anger fade and sadness fill its place.

"I'm sorry, he forced me Enrique," Looking down at the floor, Eleanor couldn't bring herself to look him in the eyes.

Enrique lifted her chin with his finger and gazed at her, slowing he leaned forward and kissed her.

11months later

"My king!" A young maid rushed to the king's side as he dined, "The Queen is in labor! The child is to be born! Hurry!" the maid urged.

The king frowned, the child that was not his? Why should he come to her side, when she broke her vow to their marriage? He sighed, yet she was his wife and he did love her, even if she didn't fully appreciate it. "I'll come," He replied to the maid, catching her look of relief he frowned.

They walked at a hurried pace to the queen's room, screams filled the air, "Push! Madam! You must!" A doctor's order over rode her screams.

The king ran the last few metres into the room and sat beside Eleanor. He gripped her hand, "My dear, you can do this!" he murmured.

Her tightened grip on his hand slowly lessened and her labor was rewarded, a loud wailing cry of a newborn baby filled the room.

"Your highnesses! You are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl!" The doctor's voice boomed as he carried the child over to them. The king tried to gather all his hatred as he looked at the child, but he found he couldn't. "She's beautiful," he whispered.

"Yes, she is," Eleanor replied. Taking the child she cuddle her close to her, "Cristo," She looked into the child's eyes, gold eyes stared back at her.