Chapter 5

Enrique && Cristo

Cristo followed Enrique for a little further, than they stopped in front of a large piece of flat land. Enrique turned around, "This, my dear is your training ground for the next week."

"Wow, so are we starting now?" Cristo looked at Enrique, he pursed his lips briefly than smiled,

"Might as well."

He walked to the centre of the field, and motioned for Cristo to follow him, "We will start with getting you in touch with you inner spirit powers."

Cristo stared at him, "I would be able to do that how? It's not like I feel anything in me…"

Enrique nodded, "No, you wouldn't feel anything, you have spent 16 years in the human world and during that time your spirit powers would have been slowly maturing."

He stretched out his hand, a ball of bright blue flames gathered in his hand, "You have this afternoon and tonight to complete this task, I want you to gather a ball of power into your hand and be able to hold it there for more than 5minutes." Nodding stiffly at her, Enrique walked away.

Cristo stared around, "How am I going to do that?" She squeezed her eyes shut frustrated with Enrique.

"WHAT HAPPENS IF I DON'T MANAGE TO DO IT?" She yelled out towards the line of trees where he had disappeared into.

Silence replied her, sighing in frustration Cristo sat down on the grass. How had he done that? That ball of power? Its energy felt so familiar, she tilted her head to the side and closed her eyes. Than she remembered, that time she was 4years old. She couldn't sleep so she went to her mum, her mother had smiled and said, "I can't sleep either, why don't I show you something?" The four year old her had been so excited, then her mother and stretched out her arm exactly like Enrique did and a ball of blue flame had burst out. "Now, you try," Her mother had smiled at her lovingly. She remembered herself stretching out her own hand, and willing something to happen. Nothing did. Her mother had then said, "Concentrate Cristo, imagine your heart and stomach imagine blue flames swirling around, imagine dear, imagine."

She couldn't remember how she did it, but in the end a small but bright blue flame had gathered on her hand.

She blinked and her thoughts gathered slowly back to the present, stretching out her hand she imagined her heart and stomach. Like her mother told her to, she imagined the blue flames swirling around teasing her and dancing away. Slowly she felt herself gather the flames with her mind and push them to her hands, willing her power to form into a ball of blue flames in her hand.

She stared at her hand as a ball of blue flame formed, "I DID IT!" She grinned excitedly; she held her hand up and urged more power into her hand. A large ball formed, she smiled proudly.

"Well done," Enrique's voice came out behind her, she jumped startled, and the flame flickered than faded as her attention went to Enrique.

"When-When did you come?" She stammered nervously.

"I was here all along; I simply made myself invisible with my power." He replied smoothly. "Good job, tonight you will be well rewarded, now I want you to keep practicing so that you don't have to imagine everything but at will a large ball of flame appears." He nodded at her curtly.

"Oh, will you stay with me this time?" She asked him softly.

"Sure," Enrique smiled at her and sat down next to her.

Cristo turned around and stretched out her hand, she imagined her heart and stomach, than the flames than slowly she pushed the power into her hand.

She carefully took note of the feeling when the flame was pushing towards her hand. Than she willed the power into a ball in her hands, so she could do that, but how would she be able to do it in a blink of an eye?

She furrowed her brows, that feeling when the power came rushing forth. That was the key. She dropped her arm and felt the power rushing around her body, the flame disappearing back inside her.

Than she lifted her hand again and thought flame, instantly she felt the power surging through then burst into a ball of flame in her hand. She glanced at Enrique, "Is it all meant to be this easy? Or am I not doing it right?"

He shrugged, "You have a natural knack for it, and probably you've done it before. To be honest, most females acquire this skill faster than males." Enrique smiled admiringly at her, "You'll achieve much when you're older, from what I can feel the spirit power you do let out, you have a charming amount of it."

Cristo sat down beside him, "So what are we doing next?"

Enrique stared at her thoughtfully, "Well that was suppose to take you a whole week to fully master it, but it's taken you less than half a day to master. So why don't I teach you a feel tricks?" Than he frowned, "No, on second thoughts lets get onto weapon training."

"Weapon training?" Cristo licked her lips excitedly, "Okay, don't I get to choose?"

Enrique nodded his head, "Yea, you do, normally I would have changed form and flown us there, but my wings are not of use, so I guess we'll have to walk."

"Walk?" Cristo made a face, "How far? Can't I just use your stone and change?"

Enrique smiled, "No, can't do that my stone only answers to me, like every other dragon keepers' stone it only answers it's master. Walking will take us around three days; flying would take us half an hour around."

Cristo's mouth dropped open, "Are you serious? Why can't we call Xavier or Lot?"

Enrique looked back in the direction of the lake they were in today, "Maybe, they are probably arguing, but it wouldn't take long for them to take us."

He whistled the sound carried by the wind floated to Xavier and Lot.

Xavier && Lot

Xavier lifted his head, Lot tilted his head to the side, "Wasn't that Enrique's call?" Xavier asked looking at his father.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is, guess we're being called," Lot bared his fangs at his son, Xavier bared his back.

"Alright then, let's go."

The two dragons lifted off into flight and flew over towards Enrique and Cristo. They soon spotted the two of them on a stretch of flat land.

They landed and looked at the two of them expectantly, "So what did you call us for?" Xavier cleared his throat.

"Well, Cristo here has already accomplished everything that I planned to have her master in this week, so I was thinking of going to the weaponry mountain and get her something," Enrique replied.

Lot looked at Cristo thoughtfully, "Wouldn't it be easier for you two if she learnt to use her stone first?"

Enrique nodded his head, "It would, but I thought it would be a bother calling you two, so I decided against it."

"Yet, you still managed to call us to give you two a ride to the weaponry mountain." Xavier muttered dryly.

Enrique smiled, "Yes, I guess."

"Xavier, your call." Lot looked at his son.

The younger dragon looked at his father and nodded, gently lowering his head to Cristo he murmured, "Give me your hand Cristo."

Cristo lifted her hand under the dragon's mouth, just barely brushing his leathery snout. The dragon heaved in a breath then made a coughing sound.

A smooth silver shiny rock slithered onto Cristo's hand, Cristo winced at the feel of the slimy layer of dragon drool. She felt an instant connection with the stone as soon as it touched her, power surged through her body and she felt electric.

"Good, now Cristo, press the rock to your heart of stomach, preferably your stomach." Enrique added hastily.

Cristo grinned, Xavier handed her a change of clothes, she took them and walked away from them into the trees.

Slowly she undressed, and then she pressed the dragon stone onto her heart. She felt a rushing of power, and then a beautiful soft voice floated into her mind, "Criiiiiiiiiisto," it purred, "I've waited for you, waited for a long time, listen to my voice and I'll guide you through your years."

The stone glowed brightly, "Cristo." It murmured one last time then lay still.

Cristo closed her eyes, breathing in the moment before slipping on her new clothes. First she put on the under clothes, they were made of soft white silk material, and then over the top she slipped on her amour.

The clothes fitted perfectly, they were brown with ancient carvings itched into them, she slipped into the boots Xavier had also given her. The shoulder pads felt a bit awkward, and the amour felt heavy, but she would get used to them soon.

Than Cristo bent down and picked up the stone, a black string had formed and she placed the necklace over her head. It fitted perfectly.

She stepped back out into the field and walked towards the waiting dragons and her father.

Stopping in front of them she smiled shyly, "Is this it?"

Xavier beamed proudly, he butted his head against her chest, "To a lifelong partnership," he purred.

Lot nodded at her and bared his fangs, "Welcome Cristo, to the world of a dragon keeper."

She looked lastly at Enrique, "Cristo," He murmured than they embraced.

"Father," she whispered softly.

They separated and smiled at each other, Cristo then turned to look at Xavier, "So can I try turn into a dragon now?"

The three males laughed, "Go ahead Cristo," Xavier beamed at her.

Cristo lifted her hand and touched the stone, dragon, she thought and slowly she felt a strange sensation move through her body, closing her eyes she waited. Than as quick as it started it was over, she opened her eyes and looked at Lot, Xavier and her father.

"So?" She bared her fangs at them, "What do you think?"

Xavier head butted her gently, "You made a beautiful human, but I personally think you make a prettier dragon."

Lot nodded, "I agree with him, you are truly beautiful dear."

When Cristo looked at her father, she noticed a tear running down his cheek, "Father?"

Her father stepped forward and kissed her snout, "Cristo."