The original dialogue was written in a mixture of French, Spanish, and some Welsh (and the first line is Latin). For your comprehension, I've translated it into English, but so much is lost in the translation. I prefer to mix languages in real life, as my conceptions of things don't always match the given word in that language and I feel it's sometimes more appropriate to use "arall" instead of "autre," and so on. Also, I apologise for my abysmal English.

"quo vadis?"

"al ysbyty tengo quelque chose que necesito amender"

"o que?"

"moi claro"

"vis pam?"

"il y a cosas que enterró en mi scele… me cam, tu peux recordar l'an dernier?"

"oui claro"

"c'est là"

"o je sé maintenant, ses visiones"


"mais ils ne sont pas peligrosos. ils sont sus hijos aralles non?"

"oui oui mis primeros. je les aime mas que toi."

"pam mère?"

"ils sont los que me traen l'espoir. sans les visiones il n'y a pas nada éso es pourquoi."

"sí todavía hay cosas. mire, aière hay l'oiseau que tu ha llamado en jours pasados. 'ven conmigo' tu a dit à l'oiseau 'tengo un gran chanson pour toi, un gran chanson de ma vie, que espera promener un día à la mer, dónde elle va beber el agua hecho de sangre."

"c'était ma vie para ti. malheureusement veo a mis suenos, y ils ne pueden pas vivir sans moi y yo no puedo vivre sin ellos. alors je vais au ysbyty pour amenderme."

"o l'ysbyty n'est pas el mejor pour toi"

"pourquoi hijo mío?"

"porque las pulsas du monde quienes son visiones mueren al touche de los vividos comme toi"

"ah hijo bête, ten cuidado con tus mots! ils sont dangereux et tu eres faible comme un cielo gris llorando pour dieu au fin d'une guerre."

"where are you going?"

"to the hospital i have something that i need to fix"

"oh what?"

"myself of course"

"i see. why?"

"there are things i buried in my skeleton. tell me do you remember last year?"

"yes of course"

"that's it"

"oh i know now—your visions"


"but they're not dangerous they're your children no?"

"yes yes my first i love them more than you"

"why mum?"

"they bring me hope. without visions there is nothing that's why"

"there are still things. look aière there's the bird you called in older days. 'come with me' you would say to it 'i have a grand song for you a grand song of my life, which hopes to stroll someday by the sea where it will drink the water made of blood.'"

"that was my life for you. sadly i look upon my dreams and they cannot live without me and i cannot live without them so i am going to the hospital to fix myself"

"oh the hospital isn't the best for you"

"why my son?"

"because the breaths of the world which are visions die at the touch of the living like yourself"

"ah silly child, take care with your words! they are dangerous and you are weak like a grey sky crying for god at the end of a war"