vamos al ysbyty, oes;
la printemps lleva el amanecer
sur les idées d'hier, a chdi?
tu apportes el sol levant avec
brazos estrechos al cielo, en
espèrant el deseo de cambiar.
no, non, nac oes. je ne veux
pas el cambio.

pam lai, pam lai?
porque el bosque n'a
pas répondu à mes chansons.

ahora no seré sola.

"northern hospital"

let's go to the hospital, yes;
spring carries the morning on yesterday's
ideas, and you? you carry the rising sun with
arms stretched to the sky, hoping for the desire
to change. no, no, no. i do not want the change.

why not, why not?
because the forest has not
responded to my songs.

now i will not be alone.

Honestly, I've no idea what the hell this is. I originally wrote it in that strange mixture of Spanish and French (with some Welsh thrown in, despite the fact that my Welsh is abysmal) and, for whatever reason, am posting it here. Like I said, it makes no sense. I just moved to a small city in northern New York, which is where the hospital in question is... I got lost and ended up there the other night, and since I've seen it, it's given me the most disturbing images. I don't know why.