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Warning: If you don't like yaoi/slash don't read. If you don't know what yaoi/ slash is… then go ahead.


Nearly twenty thousand years ago, a group of angels jump down to earth to live among the humans, but the humans were foolish and fearful of the powers that the angels possessed and quickly turned on them, killing any they could find. When the angels fled to God from fear of the humans, he turned them away.
"You have all chosen to live with the humans on earth and have been tainted by the sins of man, so earth is where you will remain. I will take away the gift of immortality and curse you. You will age and you will die. However, that shall be but half of my curse. One night a year, you will succumb to the beast within you and feast upon the flesh of man."

With those final words, he shut the gates to Heaven forever, sealing them to earth. The angels wandered the earth looking for a place to belong to and to be safe from being hunted by the humans. At last, the most powerful angels came together to create a vast seemingly endless desert where they could live without fear.

For years, they lived in the desert away from man, and because of this, legends began to form. Some of them were about how beautiful the angels were. Others told of how their blood could cure the sick or heal the wounded and that their holy powers could even bring the dead back to the living.

Merchants came about to partake in the mass fortunes the angels presented. The most valued and rarest of all angels were the ones that were said to cry tears of crimson crystals. All of these powers made the angels very valuable. For these reasons, many humans and merchants ventured through the deserts in search of these legendary beings, trying to find the hidden villages known only to the angels, to capture and sell them to the wealthiest of buyers. Then these buyers would use the angels' powers for their own self preservation and greed.

And according to the humans, the more angels you had the more powerful you became.
The story begins in a quiet desert village where a young boy is frantically awaiting for the sun to set, for it was his tenth birthday.

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