This is me

Life's too short
too small
for everything I want
to do
to see
to make
to write
for everyone I want
to meet
to touch
to make smile

where does time end?
when? when?
and how much of it do I have left?

I have all the time in the world
but my life could end any minute
my world is too small for it to end right now
I'm not ready

there's too much
to see
to feel
to love
too many crazy things left to do

my life (if normal)
has not yet reached halfway
but who is normal?
and when have I ever been?
so will this apply?

what will my regrets be
in the end?
at the end?
right before the end?
how many things will I wish I'd done
or not?
how many words will I have wanted said
or unsaid?

this life confuses me to bits
and pieces
until I'm numb
there's only God to hold onto
Thank God I have him

I wake up again and again
pulled from thoughtless monotony
and a voice of monotone quality

this is
not tomorrow
this is
not wrong
this is
where I need to be
a way
to where I'm going
this is
and there
and there
and over there

this is me.