You were right

Right about everything

And why does that surprise me

Because you seem to be right a lot

And I should probably listen to you more

I swear

You didn't miss a single detail

And although it solves none of my problems

You were right

Through and through

Some people find it hard

To admit they were wrong

I don't

You were right

You were right

You were right

You were right

And I'm sorry

Because I tried to assume too much

Because I'm an idiot

And don't tell me I'm not

Because that's one place where you're wrong

I know nothing about what's in your head

And I shouldn't be one to give you advice

What do I know?

I know that you're right

But that's almost all

I also know that I'm sorry

And I hate it when we fight

And I just want to move on

Knowing you were right

It's a little late for it now

But if it helps, I'm sorry that you feel that way

And I can almost understand

But not all the way, of course

Because no one can know exactly except for you


I was an idiot

And don't worry

I say that with a laugh

You're a smart girl

I should listen to you more

And I should definitely never assume I know you

Because I don't

You were so right about me

And I was so wrong about you

Because I know nothing about other people

And I wish I did

So I'm writing this long, enormous apology

That is really quite pointless and rambling

And I hope that you smile when I say this

Because it really is quite stupid

But we'll call it a poem