Child's Play

Forgotten world
What has happened to you?
Held up by wooden circus stilts
Not on what is true

Lovelorn and lost
Children torn from home
To fight an abandoned war
Or to aimlessly roam

Our desolate child
Why have we let you go?
Down that dark corridor
Into days of woe

Guiltless infant
Taken from warm embrace
What was once cherished
No longer has saving grace

Holy father shepherd
Listen and heed our cries
Protect our lambs and sheep
From this world of lies

Forgotten world
War-torn you lay
Someday you will let
All your petty sheep stray

(Authoress Note: This is something I wrote in response to a video I watched in class today. The video startled me incredibly, and this was the result of that shock. I'll also be getting around to putting up some more haikus, if anyone cares...)