for you I'll try

I haven't cried quite yet
Only leakage about the corners
And I'm not quite sure I want to
Because I'm not sure I'll stop

If you think we'll make it I'll believe you
I'm willing to step into a year of time
If you're next to me all the way
Even so many miles away

It's crazy the way my mind goes 'round
How one minute I think it's all a dream-
Something hazy and distant and fading-
And the next I'm hit hard in the stomach
and all I can do is hug myself and hope
I'll learn to cope with the feeling, in time.

It's hard not to be scared of being hurt again
If it's happened once, twice...
It's hard to love like you've never been hurt,
When the hurt is still fading.

But I'll try.
For you I'll try.