I look at the door, I look at the sky.

Can I do this? Am I ready to fly?

I see the people around me here,

Am I dressed right? I didn't know what to wear.

Walking through the door is what I need and I realize this,

So I take a deep breath and let out I hiss

I'm ready, I'm ready. I better go now.

I don't want to lose this courage because I don't know how

Many times I'll get this fearless feeling again.

I open the door, plant my feet on the floor, and count to ten.

Step by step I get more nervous,

But I know I should be here for the service.

So I finally get through the door and am greeted with smiles,

But still another door to get through and it seems like miles

Away from where I am, so I take another deep breath.

This is where I need to be to step away from death

I sit in a chair in the back so I have my own personal space.

I look around and my heart starts to race.

But then a man walks on to the stage.

He smiles and starts to engage

In a conversation with God and he brings us all in too.

This is the moment that I flew.

I dedicated my life to Christ on this very day four/fifteen/ohseven.