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Prologue: Oh Yeah, Sure

The Encyclopedia of Mercacia; Mercacia's Most Trusted Source of Information. How original. I opened the heavy book to the first page and as soon as the dust settled, I began to read.

"Mercacia: a land of prosperity and happiness. Geography includes deserts, mountains, rivers, lush forests, lakes, plains, and even tropical jungles. Largely populated by many animals, plants and bugs due to its diverse location, the country is the perfect place to travel in or through to experience new and exciting experiences. The top two species are lorem and marlukins. Lorem are large, white and blue birds with an average wingspan of about four feet, though the largest even spotted is said to be as large as a dragon. Lorem travel in flocks and are largely vegetarian, though sometimes they will feed on meat. They are a peaceful species and will not attack unless provoked.

"Marlukins are small furry creatures, quite similar to an Earth squirrel in shape and form. Their fur colors range from dark red to royal blue and can be found in almost all biomes. They are quite intelligent beings and rumors hint that it is possible to have a mind connection with a certain one that allows the human to communicate with the marlukin, but it has never been proven. Their diet consists of nuts, acorns, roots and a small selection of greens.

"Mercacia is also home to one of the most famous magic academies, Pretch, whose headmaster is Caprona, one of the elite in the magical world who defeated the grimwold and whose birthplace was none other than Mercacia itself."

The reading went on to talk about economics, government, and different factors that praised Mercacia. A certain part caught my eye.

"There are little to no bandits, so traveling is relatively safe. Crime rates are minimal and there haven't been more than five murders in a year for more than five hundred years. Raging dragons and other dangerous creatures have not been spotted since the era during which Mercacia was still being colonized; more than two thousand years ago."

Oh yes, quite believable. It couldn't possibly be wrong. That was precisely why, during the past three months, we had been kidnapped, held for ransom (which didn't go so well for the criminals because nobody was going to pay such a high price for someone they didn't even know existed), stolen from, lost in a swamp, and chased by a flock of raging lorem who were provoked by Icebreath (a dragon, of course – how ironic) who we had escape from in turn just to turn back around and attempt to calm the poor thing down. That also meant that I was just the person who had to have TWO (two out of the five in an entire year) of my companions murdered, though I was beginning to think that I was just that unlucky. Oh yes, how could I forget? That ALSO meant that I was more than twenty thousand years old. Ok, so I'd probably live up to that age, if not forever, but I wasn't even close as of now. Maybe it was that these wonderful events only happened around me. Humph – twenty thousand years indeed. That "most trusted encyclopedia" must have been the truest document of the millennium. Oh yeah, sure. Or maybe, they just hadn't met me, because apparently these things had only happened to me. I mean, chased by a freaking dragon? In Mercacia? Then again, that didn't list even the least of my problems.