The Raven's cry

The lone raven cries out

Foretelling of woe

His cry echoes loud

To the one who is bellow

The rhythm of hooves

Pounding the mast

Falters, slows

Recalling times past

Another road

Another life

A mortal blow

Stolen lives

I shake my head

Banishing emotion

Memories instead

Follow the motion

The scent of Rose

Our young child

My heart fills with woe

I fight back the bile

Clearing my eyes

I remember them

I relive our life

Together again

My wife

My child

My old life

Memories, defiled

Then that night

Always that night

When the Raven cried

When my family died

That life is gone now

I must be strong

Even when I don't know how

I must carry on

My horse, ever faithful

Carries me onwards

Memories, ever painful

From my heart are drawn

The lone raven cries out

Retelling past pain

His cry echoes loud

I run in vain

I stop, defeated



Pain and sorrow are melded

Under the clouds

The night is quiet

My cries echo loud

Sharp as a knife

My dagger in hand

I fight the drowning sorrow

Preparing to leave this land

Preparing to see no tomorrow

Bright crimson

My hearts blood

All reason

Has fled

The lone raven cries out

Calling to my soul

His cries echo loud

He takes me home

The lone raven cries out

His sorrow unheard

His cries echo loud

Who would listen to a bird?

The lone raven cries out

He takes wing

His cries echo loud

Making the darkness sing.