Two steps taken forward

Ready to start the day

In shoes too high

For her own good

Or so her mother would say

But Mother is not here

The subway ride is shaky

As she checks her watch for the fifth time

Cursing under her breath

Because she is late

And she remembers

Days long gone

When the show never started

Without her

Shivering as she arrives

The cubicle is cold

As is her boss

While she rambles about late busses

Omitting the fact

That she missed her bus

Because her shoes would only let her

Run so fast

She lives for breaks now

And the coffee mug warms her hand

Like her mother's touch

So she clutches it, takes a sip

Ignoring the bitter taste

She pretends to have gotten used to

Funny how

She rushes home

And home is a place

To eat stale take-out

And to try not to hear the quiet

While she misses the sound

Of baby brother's laugh

The day ends

Sheets turned over

Pillow warm

Eyes drifting close

As she reminds herself

That this is the life she chose