The question plays in my head,

Like someone is holding the tape,

Rewinding it,

And playing it again and again.

The focus stays with her words,

Words I will never forget.

The memories still strong,

But why does it have to be,

That you are gone as the sun sets?

The message will have no ending,

For you aren't there anymore.

But we'll still have our thoughts,

The ones we shall cherish and adore.

But one last time,

We were together for all to see.

One last time,

The rain will fall inside of me.

You'll be watching,

As the rain clouds disappear.

And one day we'll all soon carry on,

Living without fear.

But for one more moment,

The words that I have to make,

Are unable to come out.

Please don't tell me that I'm awake.

I could sail away with these silent winds,

And maybe no one will see.

But for tonight I think it would be better,

If I looked in the reflection of the water,

With you staring back at me.