She died with a smile
-not the brilliant kind that she
flashed ever so often,
after each one of her
witty, charming jokes:

The kind that made her cheekbones
stand out,
crinkled the corners of her
brought out their confidently amused

it was from a swelling joy
remembering all the lives she
faces of each person who'd learnt and
whom she encouraged towards

It was from complete satisfaction,
knowing every minute had been
used well,
not for self-glorification, but for His
higher purpose

It was from our love,
for her big heart she expanded
to accommodate every one of us
in her few years.

Our love that comforted and gave her
happiness, peace,
in the last moments, knowing
"She will be loved"

So many reasons why she should have had
more, should have had
she died unsmiling, puffier than usual…
and in a moment of this utter injustice,
I only wish

She died with a smile.