Between Uncharted Territories

The air between...

Hold a breath, watch for a moment, see the intensity that lies between.
The touch of the finger tips, the delicate brush of a hand and the intimacy of the moment.
The simple act of want, need, have.
All together ignite the cold air between and cause a fire of passion.

The secret between very look...

It burns into her skin and into her heart.
The mysterious ways that he does that to her.
With one look she loses her way yet finds the one thing she is longing for.
The secret that lies between every look causes her heart to skip,
her mind to falter and her eyes to grow soft.

The kisses in between...

They lay a intricate path to the uncharted territories.
A world only a few know, a few understand and not many have conquered.
In between the passion, in between the need,
in between the wants, in between the kisses there is only them.

I am yours...

(Published: 06/09/2005)

Authors Note: I haven't published for a while... I lost my muse for a long time. I've noticed my writting style has changed. Though, I'm not sure where it really belongs. Fiction or poetry? Or just a mixture of both...