She walked in the shop and she had plasters on her heels

I said may I help you madam

She said; my life, it's a mess, can you sort it all out?

I said Ma'am I will try - tell me what it's all about

There was a chorus of "You Want Her" but I barely took it in

Though I recognised the thrill when she touched my skin.

She asked aren't you tired of people who think they're unique?

I did my very best, so help me, I tried

But the more I patched up, it seemed the more she cried

I said your life - it's tricky - has it always been this way?

When she said no.

I knew that things would never change.

A lot of girls come in the shop and they all fold their arms

I'm always very catious when I say can I help you ma'am?

But they're looking for some help that will never be real

Still she was the only one who dared to wear plasters on her heels.