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Katterina looked on in disgust, the sight before her making her want to hurl. She could not understand why anyone in there rightful mind, would in fact find Ivan Makeller attractive.

He sat at the front of the room, constantly making stark remarks about anything the teacher said. Katterina had the right mind to tell to shut up. But somehow thought better of it, she didn't want to draw attention to herself.

So she just sat there gritting her teeth. Mindlessly drawing anime charcters on to the side of her paper, she looked down at her creation only to realise that one resembled, her annoyance in question. She laughed to herself, when she realised the great detail she went into with the knife poking through his chest.

Her violent streak rearing its ugly head, oh well her artistic violent side anyway. She looked back up to see that Ivan was still going on about whatever crap he had made up on the spot. She quickly raised her hand, hoping to give the right answer, and maybe shut him up. Without being too obvious as to her intentions.

"Yes Katterina" the teacher Mr Fuller said, with obvious gratefulness.

"Well" she started "it would seem that without reference to the earlier occurrences it would be impossible, to make a clear judgement" Mr Fuller sighed with relief.

"Excellent Katterina… brilliant" she smiled to herself.

She had done the assigned work, which meant actually knowing what the whole thing was about. She still however noticed the eye rolls she got from other students in the class. This didn't bother her, but it wasn't exactly what she liked to get as a reaction. But she had come to expect this from the other students, who felt the need to compete with her.

Though she didn't expect Ivan Makeller to run around and actually speak to her. But he did.

"How did you know that?" he asked seeming slightly amused. She smiled, and sighed.

"I actually did the work!" was her curt reply.

For a moment he seemed to be slightly taken back, by her comment. But it passed rather quickly, and resulted in a sly smile. Which set Katterina's blood boiling, for knew it was filled with untold arrogance.

"Now, now... Are you implying that I didn't?" he said in such a way, that she wanted to jump over the tables and whack him in the side of the head.

"Can you prove that you did" she counted, with a look of utter disbelief at him actually doing work. That's when he smiled dazzlingly, looking on with shock. In an extremely over the top manner.

"My dear lady… I cannot concede why you would accuse me of such a thing" Katterina shook her head at him, and the teacher realising how out of hand this was becoming. Finally decided to step in.

"Right ok, back on topic. Mr Makeller noone is questioning how much work you have done"

This caused him to open his mouth, but then thinking better of it closing it. But not before giving Katterina another smile. She rolled her eyes, fighting the urge to glare at him. But of course it was all in good fun. She didn't mind getting into banter with people, but Ivan was really something else.

So it was easy to see why she was thanking god when the bell went. She quickly packed her book and pencil case into her bag. And picked it up, slinging the heavy object over her shoulders.

She walked out of the room and down the staircase. Completely glad that it was the end of the day. She sighed and walked to her car that was parked just out the front of the school. Wiping the sweat from her forehead. She opened the door and got in, starting up the engine and putting it into drive. Pulling out and heading on her way home.


She looked at the boy across form her. He was so gorgeous in her opinion, everything about him made her heart swell in her chest. She thought that someday she could make this boy fall for her. She wasn't sure how she could ever do this, but she just knew she had to. It would make her so happy.

Not at this moment though, for unfortunately Byron Cecil King had the worst kind of disease. He had a girlfriend, but not just any girlfriend. He had Angela Smith, who was the worst of the worst; she brought clingy to another level. It cam to the point were if another girl so much as looked in his direction, she would wage a vendetta against said girl.

It made Meredith angry, she hated Angela. She hated everything about Angela, in her opinion she was nothing more than a social climbing slut, with some money in her pocket.

She slowly tore her gaze away from the gorgeous blonde, and back on to the work sheet in front of her. Reading the questions over and over, she didn't seem to be able to take her mind of everything else. A sigh of frustration left her mouth.

"What's up?" Shannon said from beside her.

"Nothin' it's just I don't understand" Shannon looked at her amused.

"Don't understand what?" she asked.

"Why Byron is with her," she explained with a glare at the back of Angela's head. Shannon laughed at her friend.

"Because she has something that you do not possess," she stated with finality. Meredith looked up at her, with a quirked eyebrow.

"And what is that?" Shannon laughed.

"She has boobs" this caused Shannon to laugh, and then Meredith to send her a glare.

Meredith looked up at Byron one more time, and found that he was sitting with a smile on his face. Making her feel happy, for some reason his happiness was contagious for her. It could be that she had an obsession, or maybe he was just one of those people that lit up the room. Or possibly it was all of the above.


The heat from the sun was surrounding her body, making a smile form on her lips. It felt nice to just be lazing beside the lake, she felt relaxed. But as soon as the relaxation had come it left, with the sound of cheering and yelling. She pulled her sunglasses to her head, and looked over to the interruption.

She gave out a grunt; not understanding whose stupid idea it was to put a skate park right nest to the lake. It completely counteracted the serenity, and she was none to happy about being brought out of her peaceful daze.

She finally decided that, it was a waste of time to try and get back to her peaceful sunbaking, so she opted for reading her magazine. But yet again this didn't last long. Another shout was let out from the skate park. She shot up like a women on a mission.

"Excuse Me, " she said politely. To which the boys ignored her.

"Excuse Me," she said louder, causing them to turn and face her. The one who had obviously been causing the commotion gave her a smile.

"What can I do for you sweetheart?" he said obviously taking in what she looked like. She merely set her glare on to him.

"Would you be so kind as to please quieten down," she said, getting an even bigger smile from the boy.

"Sure thing sweetheart" he said turning with a wink, and road of over the large hill in the middle.

She quickly gave a polite thank you then walked away, making the way back to her towel. When she heard someone call out, she turned to see that same boy.

"By the way" he said "just wondering, what's your name" she smiled sweetly and shook her head.

"I'm sorry I don't talk to strangers" she replied. Lying back down on her towel and closing her eyes, to finally rest in peace.

She woke some time later, realising that she had in fact been in the same spot fro over an hour. This caused her to emit a noise of annoyance, and scamper up to her feet. Grabbing her belongings and placing them inside her bag.

Walking slowly towards home, she found herself smiling. She had finally gotten the chance to sunbake, even if her friends had not got the chance to go with her. She still felt more relaxed after the whole experience. Even if it had been slightly interrupted, it didn't matter, she felt that familiar satisfaction.

Getting home she opened the door and was greeted by her dog Charleston. She smiled at the fox terrier, and gave it a pat.

"Hello baby" she said walking past and into the vicinity of her bedroom.

Stopping only for the call of her name, she turned around slowly. Seeing her brother, he was two years younger then her at sixteen, and already he was beginning to get to be her height.

"What do you want?' she asked quite blankly. Her brother smiled.

"Nothing I just felt like calling your name" she rolled her eyes.

"Dork" she mumbled before taking a step into her bedroom. She layed down on her bed and slowly dozed off. Feeling the relaxing feeling take over her body once again.


Monique walked through the mall, looking at all the stores she had been deprived of during the week she had been away. She stopped short when she saw the most dress she had ever seen in her life. She drew in a breath and walked towards it. Her hands braving the distance to touch the silky fabric. Her hands touched it, and immediately she knew that she just had to have it.

The price tag was a little out of what she should be buying, but she didn't give it a second thought lifting it from the rack, and carrying it over to the counter.

"Is that it?" the guy behind the counter asked her, with a slight smile tugging at his lips. She nodded her head.

"Alright that's a total of $92," he said, Monique pulled out her credit card and slid it through the slot, typing in her number.

The guy bagged the dress then handed it over. She smiled at him then walked out of the shop. Smiling to herself and knowing that she would look so amazing at the party on Saturday.

Smiling still she got into her car and pulled out of the parking lot, making her way to the street that she loved. Having lived in Whitlam Heights her whole life was one thing, but she had also lived in the same street her whole life. She turned into the street and smiled at her house looming ahead. She knew that her mum would not be home from work yet, and that her brother was still away at Uni. But that didn't matte, she didn't mind being at home alone.

The sun was just starting to make it's way behind the clouds. This made Monique smile; it was her favourite time of day. It meant that school was over for the day, and all her friends would be home to. She felt as if she had not seen them in the longest time, and she resented that fact. They were meant to be close always, but I guess when they had planned that, they hadn't really taken into account how much hard work and how time consuming year twelve would be.

She pulled into her ever familiar drive way and stepped out of the car. Making her way into the deserted house, her little sausage dog barking like mad, to be let into the house from out in the back yard.

She smiled again, not for any reason in particular, but just because for some reason she felt like good things were ahead.


"Belinda" she heard a voice whine form behind her. She laughed in reply.

"Oh quiet you" she remarked slapping at the hands that were trying to pull her out the door.

"You have to come" her best friend said, using the same whining tone. Belinda stood still and walked back into the room she had just been pulled out of.

"Seth how many times do I have to tell you? I really do not want to go" he didn't seem perturbed one bit.

"But Bel, you have to. What will I do without you" she rolled her eyes.

"I don't know maybe get a life" her comment earned her a pout from the brown-headed boy. She just smiled cheekily back at him, thus confirming her decision to stay.

"Fine, if you don't go then I wont" he finally said, managing to get a laugh out of Belinda.

"And that affects me how?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. Seth stomped his foot and let out a sigh.

"Why do you have to be so stubborn" he said, stating a fact he had stated numerous times before.

"Because I was born that way," she replied sarcastically.

"Please" he whined again. Belinda just laughed plonking down onto her bed.

"You know for a boy, you do a lot of whining like a girl," she stated, earning her a glare.

"You know if you were really my best friend," he said pulling the last card he had. But Belinda only rolled her eyes.

"And if you were really my best friend you would understand, I can't go"

Seth finally flew his hands in the air, as if giving up. And plopped onto the bed next to Belinda, resting his head on her shoulder. Belinda smiled at him and then pinched his cheek, causing a squeak to emit from Seth mouth.

"That wasn't fair," he said pouting at her. But she merely laughed evilly.

"Did I ever say that I was fair?" she inquired.

"Well…. No" the boy said with a heavy sigh.

"Then you have no argument," Belinda stated finally, silently laughing to herself.

This was the usual banter that went on between the two friends; they couldn't go a day with out some form of an argument. It was never anything serious, but just the same it was always something.

She still knew however that noone could replace Seth. They had been best friends since kindergarten, and nothing had ever been able to separate them. This was something Belinda was grateful for. She didn't know what she would do without Seth; he was for lack of a better word, constant within her life.

She turned to him in all seriousness. And looked at him, knowing full well that he would be asleep. And sure enough he was, sleeping peacefully beside. Causing her to laugh lightly, she patted her best friend on the head, then took his lead and closed her eyes.


Scarlett sat down on her bed, pulling out her homework for that night. Knowing that she really didn't feel like doing it. She thought for a moment then threw it onto the desk beside her bed. Deciding that she could later, or in one of her frees the next day at school.

Then she turned on her TV and began to skip channels, not actually finding anything, she felt was worthwhile watching. She then in an instant turned it off; neighbours wouldn't be on for at least half an hour.

So grabbing her phone she stepped out of the house, not bothering to tell anyone where she was going. She walked down the path, and passed all the familiar houses, that she had grown up with. All six girls had grown up in the street together; nothing had ever torn them apart.

Even Chloe's trip over seas, hadn't broken the girls up. It had for some reason made them all stronger, something none of them had been expecting. But it had.

She got ever closer towards the park that stood on the edge of the street; she smiled, as she was the swing rocking back and forth. Taking a slow seat on one of the swings, she slowly began to rock herself.

It didn't seem that long ago, that she was just kid. When all of the girls would come to the park to play, or they would go down to the lake, and swim. To Scarlett it felt like it had only been yesterday, but she knew that it was nearly a lifetime ago. A time when they had all been at the same schools. But not anymore.

Each of the girls went to a different high school. All for different reasons, but none the less they were separated. She felt a slight remorse towards this fact, but knew that there was nothing she could do.

Meredith went to the most prestigious private school, within the area. It was strictly rich kids only. Chloe attended the other private school, which focused more on art than anything else. Which was fine because Chloe wanted to become an artist. Then Katterina went to Whitlam heights high School, Belinda wanting to be with her best friend went to South Whitlam heights high school. Then her, well she went to Salty beach high school, which was obviously near salty beach a couple of k's out of town.

It was this fact that separated the girls. Their town was big enough to have so many high schools, but small enough for everything to be close together. It wasn't huge, but it was just big enough to have all those advantages.

She stopped swinging when she heard a noise come from behind her. She turned almost letting out a scream, but caught herself when she saw a guy standing there. Instead she involuntarily began to shake.

"Did I scare you?" he said with a smirk.

"Well when you sneak up on people in the dark, that tends to happen," she replied, with a glare in his direction.

"Shouldn't you be at home, kid?" he said, not seeming to notice how insulting that had been.

"I don't have to be anywhere," she said "and I'm not a kid"

"How old are you?" he said pulling out a cigarette from his pocket.

"I'm seventeen turning eighteen," she said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Well I'm already eighteen" he replied "so compared to me you're a kid" Scarlett shook her head, and got up from the swing.

"Your idiot" she spit out before walking away. Being able to hear slight laughter come from his mouth. Making her frown, she hated it when people called her a kid. It was just so demeaning, so she hoped that she never met the jerk ever again.

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