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She hadn't heard from Ivan in over a week, and that was just the way that she liked it. As minimum amount of contact as possible. Actually he hadn't even tried to annoy her. She couldn't help but wonder, whether things were back to normal. At least she hoped that they were.

Skipping of to class, she sighed with relief. Until of course her dark eyes met another pair of eyes, which were smirking at her. Why does this have to happen to me? She thought letting out a frustrated sigh.

"How have we been?" he asked her, purposely ignoring the glare she sent his way.

"I was good… until you came" she replied bitterly, Katterina could feel all passed annoyance building up, along with the new.

"Now, now that's not very nice" Ivan stated with a smile tugging at his lips.

To which Kat would of loved to smack of. Unfortunately, they frowned upon violence within the school system. Otherwise he would be in a world of pain. It was just like he loved to push her buttons. So maybe it wasn't like, it was a definite. Ivan Makeller was getting some from of sadistic pleasure, out of her annoyance, and pure venomous looks, which she saved for him alone.

Kat sighed and counted to ten, trying to rid all of the tension that was building.

"Couldn't you have just left me alone!" she yelled, to which she got many curious glances.

"And why would I want to do that?" Ivan countered, returning her question with a question.

"Because I would be eternally grateful," she replied, starting to wear thin on her non-existent patience.

"Well… I am appalled." Ivan stated, in mock hurt. "And here I was thinking we were friends" Katterina had to hold her tongue, to stop herself from laughing.

"You and me" she said pointing between them, "could never be friends," she stated, walking into the classroom. But not without one last word from Ivan.

"You wound me Katterina, you wound me"

It might to many sound weird, but class was becoming a haven. For in class, Kat did not have to deal with certain varmint. And she could just go of into her own little world, which was were she liked to be.

She couldn't help but feel, a little annoyed. Maybe it had been wishful thinking on her part, but she had really thought he had given up, moved on. Maybe this thought was not exactly one she should have had. It was entirely unlike Ivan Makeller, to move on from anything.

All these thoughts and emotions, were still swirling around, when she sat in her area. It must have been clear on her face, as Emily immediately gave her a puzzled look.

"You ok Kat? You look slightly murderous" Kat looked at her friend, and smiled grimly.

"Ivan has started again," Emily laughed when Kat said this, which caused a glare to be sent her way.

"I'm sorry Kat, it's just… well most girls would love the attention" Emily spoke carefully, as not to arouse any anger.

"Well I'm not most girls" Kat replied bitterly.

"I know" Emily replied, " But still, it is amusing" Kat glared at her, which made Emily shut her mouth. But Kat couldn't help notice the laugh she was holding back.

Her situation was amusing to her friends. What she wanted was sympathy, but something told her, she wouldn't be getting it from them. They didn't know what it was like, to constantly have a bad smell following them. She was little bitter, she didn't mean to be, but she couldn't help it. The boy just had that affect on her, though Emily was right, most girls would kill for the attention.

Kat knew that she was over reacting, slightly about things. But she just didn't want the distraction. She really didn't need something else taking over her time. It was all too much for her, it made her wish, that life could just stay the same. If everything just went on being as it was, then she wouldn't have this problem.

This made her feel as if, some divine being had it out for her. What did I ever do to deserve this? She thought to herself, she just wanted it all tog o back to normal, without Ivan Makeller.


There were many things Meredith had expected after the party. But what had happened was not it. What happened exactly, was, well, nothing. It was total of nothing, which was driving Meredith crazy. He had kissed her; Byron King had kissed her, but then nothing.

She was a little confused. She had really ever been in the situation, to feel that way before. But she still expected something.

Her mood had been ecstatic at the start of the week; she had been on a high, which could not be topped by drugs. But as the week progressed, that high began to dissipate. She was coming down, and it was not a very happy place to be. Shannon had noticed her friends change in attitude, and it slightly worried her.

It wasn't until, Meredith almost whited out the computer in front of her, that she decided it was time to say something.

"Mer, tell me what's wrong!" she said firmly, turning Meredith's head towards her.

"And don't give the nothing speech, because it wont work." Meredith sighed.

"Everything is wrong," she stated in a tone, which held no emotion.

"Its Byron! Isn't it?" Shannon said, taking on her motherly tone.

"I can't believe he hasn't even spoken to me." Meredith replied. To which Shannon grabbed her into a hug.

"Sweety, I'm sure you just need to gave him some time, that's all" Meredith hoped that her friend was right, because it was all killing her.

She knew she was taking it to an extreme, but she didn't know how else to act. Meredith Bellevue was not good in these sorts of situations.

She liked things to be mapped out in front of her. She wasn't good with waiting, and all that other stuff. This was one of those times, were she just wanted it all to sort out, for everything to just go back to normal, but maybe with one exception.

After the talk, however, Meredith began to sober up a bit. She stopped sulking, and started to think clearly, telling herself, that all this trouble was not worth it. And that change made Shannon happy, as she was starting to get her friend back. It was good, she had missed her incredibly.

Meredith was now getting back to the old, admiring form a distance. Maybe she had just imagined the kiss. Was one thought, which occurred in her head, to which she convinced herself was true. It was all just my imagination. She thought, which made her slightly happier. It a weird unconventional way.


It had been a while since she had called Dan, and well they were on, one could say, friendly terms. Chloe wasn't ready to say that they were, indeed, friends, but she was close. She discovered during this time, that he was sweet and decent. Actually he was so many things, that she wanted. It was hard for her to imagine, but Dan just might be her perfect guy.

Though she did not want to get ahead of herself. He seemed to like her, and treated her, like no other guy treated her. But she was still holding back. She couldn't just ignore, everything she told herself. All the problems that were there before were still relevant.

It really wasn't a good time in her life, she really was busy. She just found herself wondering why now? Like that would explain everything.

Even while in class she had begun to think about him. She couldn't help it, her mind was wandering on, to his smile, the way he said her name and even the look he gave her, that was reserved only for her.

And she couldn't ignore the fact, which he was unbelievably good looking. She couldn't but think of the quote from 'Zoolander' "Really, Really, Really, really ridiculously good looking".

She sighed and tried to get her mind back to her work. It was close to impossible, but she was trying. She looked down at the paper in front of her, but her mind was too jumbled to think properly. The only clear thought was one she was desperately, tying to push away.

She felt a tap on her arm, from beside her. She looked to see Haley, who had a smile on her face.

"Chloe, are you thinking about that boy again?" she asked, amusement evident in eh r voice. This made Chloe blush.

"I can't stop!" she said in a loud whisper. Haley just pats her on the shoulder.

"Awww someone has a crush" she said in a baby voice.

Chloe stopped to think for a moment, was Haley right. Could it be possible that she liked him? It hit her so quickly, she wasn't sure what to say, or do. She realised at that moment that she did, but there was problem; she wasn't ready for a relationship. She really didn't need to have a crush at this moment in time.

Though she couldn't deny it, because she knew it was true. She had a crush on Dan!


It had been a week, and she still couldn't get the boy out of her head. All she thought about was the stranger, who wouldn't tell her who he was. She was beyond curious, she really was desperate to know, and he had seemed so familiar.

She walked around the school three times, before she realised she had done it. Sitting with her friends finally, they all looked at her weird.

"You are acting so weird Mon," her friend Sara said, making Monique come back to reality.

"I know" she stated, "Its just this boy, I really want to know who he is."

"Why?" Sara asked inquisitively.

"I don't know!" Monique stated with a huff. "And it is annoying me unbelievably" Sara laughed.

"I have never seen you so caught up over some guy. You must be losing your touch Mon" she said making Monique frown.

"Never!" she yelled jumping onto Sara. "I still have it," she said laughing, and momentarily stopped thinking about the gorgeous boy.

She had never been caught up over someone; it was usually like the guy she danced with. A one off, without even knowing his name. And it usually didn't bother her, but for some reason, it was bothering her now. She couldn't stand not knowing who he was.

She contemplated all the way through lunch, even though she kept up conversation as normal. It was hard work acting like her normal, hyper self. Especially when all she could think about, was him, the only thought in her brain, was of him. It was killing her. I just have to know. She thought to herself, sighing for a moment.

She made a conclusion however, that no matter what, she would find out who he was. It was one of those things, she just wouldn't give up, and she had to know. And well she would know, no matter how long it took, for her to find out.

She stood up suddenly, which caused everyone to look at her funny. She had decided she would find him, but at that moment she needed a distraction.

"Who wants to play Tag?" she said, making everyone laugh.

"Why?" Sara asked with an eyebrow raised.

"Because I am bored" Monique replied simply, "Trust me, it will be fun. Nothing is quite as fun as children's games, which mad Sara smile.

"She's right I'm in" she said smiling, and standing as well.

Monique beamed at the rest of her friends, which made them get up as well. She loved how she could make them do what she wanted; it was great to wield power. Now if only she could use that power on mystery guy, then everything would be right.


Another horrible week, another reason to hate her life. Belinda was not in a good mood. Not that she had been in a good mood for a while. The whole ordeal was annoying, and she knew she should make it up with Seth. But it was a matter of principle; she didn't like being treated like that. Normally she would have let it slide, but she just couldn't she wasn't sure why she was feeling the way she was.

She hated everything she was feeling, nothing had ever come between her and Seth before, and she had hoped it never would. But it had, and there was nothing that she could do. She walked through he school feeling moody and annoyed.

She was now walking with Hannah, who had somehow gotten the whole story out of her. And much to Belinda's shock was completely on her side.

"That girls scum" Hannah had commented dryly.

Belinda wanted to know why Hannah felt that way, but didn't ask. Hannah obviously didn't want to talk, and Belinda didn't want to push it. Though it was nice to know she wasn't the only one, she would've started to blame herself if she was. But it seemed all the girls in that group felt the same.

The strange part was, they were the nicest girls that you could ever meet in your life. Which brought on wonderment, as to why they didn't like Samantha, not that Belinda could blame anyone for not liking her, but it was just weird. You had to be a bad person, to piss those girls of.

"Seth's stupid" Hannah said suddenly, making Belinda laugh.

"Were did that come from?" she said, still composing herself.

"Well" Hannah started. "It just seems, if he's willing to believe her, over you. Then he isn't all there, he must have a few brain cells loose. You know a few Kangaroos short of a top paddock." This made Belinda laugh.

"Were on earth did you get that saying from?" I asked, no person ever said that. Hannah just shrugged.

"It was on some TV show last night" I smiled.

"Hmm, well as funny as that was, I have to agree. Only he isn't dumb, he's smarter then me." Belinda countered, staring at her feet.

"I don't care!" Hannah replied "I still stick to my statement, but maybe without the Kangaroos." Belinda smiled.

"Yeah that's a good idea… and thanks"

"No problem" Hannah said back with an angelic smile.

Belinda liked having Hannah around; she was a very interesting person. Plus she was great to complain to, because she listened without interruption, and always sided with you. But she wasn't afraid to tell you if you were wrong.

So although Belinda wasn't happy with the whole Seth thing. It wasn't plaguing her as much; she didn't have to worry about being lonely. It only hurt when she saw him, and hurt even more when she saw him with the devil girl.

She had gone so long hating him now, that she wasn't sure how to stop it. That's the problem with anger; it doesn't lead anywhere, and is rarely ever productive- to anyone. It only leads to more anger, which doesn't lead anywhere. A rather vicious cycle, that wont stop.

Another thing she had realised was Seth seemed to be suffering as well. He looked rugged, as in he hadn't shaved. And he also looked sleep deprived. This made her feel slightly guilty, but she just didn't know what else to do. She wanted her friend back, but there was more going on then just that.

It was going to kill her, but she needed to know he trusted her.


Ash's games had not ceased in the least, if anything it had become worse. Every time she turned he was there, annoying her. Whatever chance he got, he took it. It was getting to the point where she really wanted to hurt him, badly.

It didn't help, that her so-called 'friends' seemed to encourage him. They found some amusement in her situation. Not to mention the majority of them were lusting after the boy. They seemed to think, he was the definition of hot.

Ok Scarlett could admit, he was cute, and had that whole bad boy thing going. But his personality completely cancelled out all those good points. His constant presence was enough to send her mad, she really had enough.

It was on this particular day, that he was annoying her more than any other. Scarlett slammed her book closed.

"What do you want Ash?" she said through gritted teeth. He smiled up at her.

"Anger will get you nowhere beautiful." He said, making her really want to hit him.

"Please just tell me, so you can go away" she knew something was up, because he smiled in the sinister smirking sort of way.

"Kiss me" he said finally, to which Scarlett just stared at him wide eyed.

"WHAT!" she yelled, getting looks from people around them.

"You asked me what I want. And if you kiss me, I promise I'll go away"

Scarlett contemplated it for a minute. The though of kissing him was not a good one, but the benefit of getting rid of him, was one she couldn't pass up. But it was still hard for her to give in to it. If her friends found out, they would never let her live it down. And she already got enough form them, about the whole car ride thing. Sot his was something she didn't need, but then again, they may never find out.

She didn't want to say it, and she could see Ash smirking, form across the table. Which did not help one bit, she really did not want to give the satisfaction. But before she could fully register anymore of her thoughts, she said it.

"OK" she heard the words eave her mouth, but didn't register them as hers. Until, of course she saw the look on his face.

"Alright" he said, "Deal"

She got up, and began to walk away; she couldn't believe she had actually agreed to it. She was around one of the corners, when she felt someone grab her arm.

"Now your not walking away from our agreement, are you?" Ash asked, with another smirk.

"Of course not" Scarlett replied, "Just wanted to get out of sight. I agreed to kiss you, but not in public"

She felt herself getting nervous; it was actually going to happen. And Scarlett anticipated the feel of his lips, but was shocked still when it came. She had only promised a kiss, not intending to go on for very long, but ti didn't stop. And she couldn't bring herself to push away.

As his tongue gently found it's way into her mouth, she gasped. Then he pushed her up against the wall, yet again, she wanted to, but couldn't bring herself to push away. Her arms going behind his neck, and his resting on her hips, she felt the heat and passion course through her body. Kissing Ash felt good, no matter how much she knew it was wrong.

It felt like it would never stop, as it began to get deeper, and hotter. When the bell rang, and Scarlett pushed him away.

"Now that was a kiss!" Ash whispered in her ear, before walking away.

Scarlett stood in shock for a second, then leant down and grabbed her things. She couldn't believe it, she had just made out with Ash.

The worst part though, was that she liked it.

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