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Daydreaming was a normal part of Katterina's day. It was one of those ways in which, she got away from the problems surrounding her. This problem was, more importantly, Ivan himself. Who had decided that his company was, in fact needed.

No matter how many times she told him, he just never got the message. This all together amounted in a headache. So she opted for plan B, daydreaming.

At that precise moment, Johnny Depp was a frequent image in her head. Well Johnny Depp in pirate costume.

"What are you thinking about?" Ivan cut in, invading her space bubble. And succeeded in invading her thoughts.

"Anything but you!" she replied, desperately trying to think of Johnny again.

"Why?" he asked, as if it were a crime against humanity, to not think about him.

"Because, if I wanted to annoy myself, I could just opt for the real thing." She replied, finally looking up.

"Come on Kat, we both know you would love to see me naked." He said with every ounce of self-confidence, he seemed to posses.

"You love yourself way too much, you know that?" she countered, feeling the want to slam her head against the table, repeatedly.

"Yes well, it's like they say. People love people, who love themselves." Kat raised an eyebrow.

"You got that from miss congeniality two, didn't you?" she said, with slight laughter.

"What can I say, I can't resist Sandra Bullock, in that drag out fit." He said, letting out a sigh, as if in deep thought about said image.

"You really are sick, you know that!" she replied. "And annoying me, so can you leave?" he stared at her for a minute, and then smiled.

"Sure thing beautiful, but I need to ask you something first!" Katterina couldn't help the suspicion creeping into her mind.

"Ok!" she said cautiously. Ivan produced a piece of paper.

"What on earth is this?" he said, handing it to her.

Katterina grabbed it, and then felt herself inwardly scream. She had known it was a bad idea, to go along with her sister's experiment. The little witch was planning something for the two of them. It stated quite clearly, that it was 'an experiment, of human behaviour'.

Apparently, what she had agreed to be being locked in a room, alone, with Ivan for twenty-four hours. She almost wanted to find her sister and strangle her, but she wouldn't.

"So do I get an answer?" Ivan asked, slightly amused.

"Well, this is my sisters experiment, which I had nothing to do with." She said then thought for a moment. "And if you say you wont do it, then it will all be fine." She finished hopefully.

"And why on earth, would I do that?" he asked, with a smirk.

"Because, you wouldn't want to be in the same room as me," she replied, trying to sound sure. But Ivan laughed.

"I would love to be alone with you... in a room" he said before walking away, leaving Katterina speechless.

She was to dumbfounded to react, at first. But then she felt herself get angry. A thought came to her mind that maybe her sister, had been planning it all along. And she cursed herself, forever trusting the girl. It was obvious she was up to something, and Katterina would have to pay.

She then made up her mind, she would confront Meagan.

So she packed up her bag, and made her way to her sister's area. She wasn't there yet of course, as she was still in class. And Katterina remembered, that's he had a free, which meant her sister wouldn't be out for a while.

She was going to walk off, but found it too important so waited.

When she finally saw Meagan coming, the younger, looked scared. And even looked like she might run in the other direction. But Katterina, walked up to her.

"You have to stop it!" she said firmly. To which Meagan looked down.

"I can't do that." That she replied, avoiding eye contact.

"And why not?" Katterina asked, her voice portraying, and every ounce of anger she held.

"Because the teacher Okayed it already, and well it's too late to come up with something else." Katterina sighed, it was true, and her sister's marks were more important.

"Fine." Katterina said eventually. "But you owe me… big time." Meagan smiled.

"Thanks Kat… and trust me, it wont be so bad." Katterina almost laughed.

"You have obviously never, been alone with, Ivan Makeller." She replied walking away.

Katterina felt slightly sick, it was the last thing she wanted. But there was no way out of it. And she knew Ivan wouldn't say no, not when there was a chance to annoy her. She had to face it, she was screwed. She sighed and made her way to her area, she had nothing to help her, and she couldn't help but think, reality sucks.


Friday was usually one of her worst days. After all she would have to go a whole weekend without seeing Byron. But today it wasn't, it was actually, a good day. She didn't want to see him. Even though things had returned to some form of normalcy, it still wasn't quite there.

She went through most her classes with the anticipation of going home. Knowing now, how every other kid felt.

Not that this was it; she was also going to be staying at Scarlett's. Which was always fun, because Scarlett, could be, quite mad some times, and it was a great distraction. Besides, she could talk about all her problems, and then it would all be better. Because Scarlett would sympathise, she knew.

Meredith, sat there idly watching the clock, it was almost lunchtime almost time to go get out, well not fully out, but close.

Then it did go of, and Meredith was out the door, at a rapid speed. Which surprised everyone, as she normally slowly packed up her things, and casually made her way out to lunch. Even her friends were slightly surprised, and they knew she wasn't her old happy self.

When she sat down they all looked at each other.

"You excited about something, Mer?" Crystal asked her. To which Meredith smiled.

"Of course I'm alright, school is almost out, and I can go home." Crystal only gave a grim smile, while looking at Shannon, who shrugged.

"Alright if you say so." She replied, returning to her normal talk, with the other girls.

Meredith didn't pay any mind, to the fact that she was acting weird; she knew her friends would understand. It's not like she had to tell them everything.

And none of them asked her any more questions, for the rest of the day. And so the day wet on well enough, without a hitch, if you wanted to say so.

The final bell rang, and she raced out towards her car, she was relieved she could go and relax. With this in mind, she again didn't notice the boy walking towards her.

"Meredith, right?" he asked, startling her.

"Oh yeah… Ummm your?" she stopped for a moment, she had seen him before, but she just couldn't remember his name.

"Scott." He said for her, and then she remembered.

"Oh yeah… the one I ran in to." She said, placing her bag and folder into the car.

"Yeah, well you dropped this, in your hurry." He said with a smile, which Meredith returned.

"Thank you" she said, grabbing her calculator.

"No problem, Meredith." Scott replied, and then walked off.

Meredith couldn't help but smile, he was just one of those people, that could make you smile. He just seemed so genuinely nice. And she forgot for a second why she was in such a hurry.


She got home, and felt her heart race just a little bit. She was more than hoping that's he would see Dan. So she quickly changed into her swimmers, and made her way to Katterina's house. After all she didn't want to go alone.

She knocked on the door, a couple times. When Kat opened the door. She smiled at Chloe, and motioned for her to come in.

"Hey" she said. "To what do I owe this pleasure?" Chloe smiled.

"I was actually wondering, if you wanted to go swimming with me?" Kat smiled.

"Of course, why not." And went to get her things, Chloe her heart slow down.

The main reason for inviting her was she needed someone to give her good advice, she wanted to see Dan. But she also needed to know, what someone thought of him. Besides Monique, whose opinion could not be trusted, based on the fact, that she didn't care what eh acted like, as long as he was cute.

She didn't have to wait long, because Katterina came out only moments later. They decided to walk down to there as it was more peaceful, and Kat was sick of driving.

The whole way there, Chloe couldn't get Dan out of her head, now that she knew she had a crush on him, it was harder too not think about him. It made it so much more official, well she didn't have to lie to herself, anymore. She could be honest, and say, she was excited to see him, and she really wanted to see him.

They got to the lake, and Chloe immediately saw him, he was over with his friends, talking and laughing. Her made a jump when she saw him. And it was obvious to even Katterina that something was up.

"Are you ok?" Kat asked her, with an eyebrow raised. Chloe had to try extremely hard not to blush, at the notice.

"Fine" she said, her attention still on Dan.

"Well, then why do you keep looking at that boy?" she said pointing at Dan, who had turned around and saw her.

"Ummm" Chloe said, her attention being caught by Dan, walking over to them.

Katterina laughed, which made Chloe glare at her. But it didn't last long, as Dan was already in front of her, and he was very hard, fro Chloe to ignore.

"Hey Chloe!" he said cheerfully, looking at her, in the way that made her feel nervous.

"Hey Dan!" she said back, then "Oh Dan this, is Katterina, my friend." Dan turned to Katterina, and smiled.

"Hi how you doing?" he said extending his hand, to which Kat shook.

"Hey" she replied. Looking at Chloe, with amusement evident on her face, which made Chloe want to hide.

She got over her initial feelings, and went on to talk with both people. To which she was glad, because they seemed to get along. But it wasn't till after, that she asked what she was dying to know.

"What do you think of him?" she said to Kat as they walked home.

"He's nice." Kat replied.

"Is that it, just nice." Chloe said biting her lip.

"He's perfect for you." Katterina said with a laugh.

Chloe looked at her funny for a second, then laughed too. She was glad Kat liked him, and maybe, if she could get over her problems, there could be something with Dan. After all if Kat thought he was nice, then it had to be true.


Monique got home, and lay down on the sofa. She felt weird, for the first time in a while, she didn't want to go out. And for her, that was extremely unusual. Instead she felt it would be better, if she did something constructive. This resulted, in the watching of Neighbours.

But after it was over, she went in to her room, and took out her homework. She had a whole sheet of questions to answer about world war one; most of them had been for during the week. But she just hadn't gotten around to doing it. Her mind had been on other things.

Well more importantly, her mind had been on a certain boy. Even now it was hard for Monique to concentrate. She really wanted to think about other things, but her mind just kept going back. It was frustrating to say the least.

She decided that it wasn't worth it, and made the decision to go for a run. After all it would clear her head, and make her feel a lot better.

She went on one direction, taking her tie to get used it, and get into a rhythm. After that she just kept on going, her thoughts slowly dissipating, as she ran. Her mind clearing. Which felt good. There was nothing like a good run, to clear ones mind, from all sorts of thoughts.

She felt better after she had doe that, she felt fresher, and more awake. It even succeeded in getting Monique to so her homework, which she was terribly grateful for. She had to get it done, and so it was good to actually be able to.

Though when she stopped again, the boy came back into her mind. But then another one, the guy from the skate park. She thought for a moment, that maybe they were the same person. But as soon as she thought this, she knew it was ridiculous, and so shook it out of her head.

That was impossible, he would of told her, and normal people don't hide stupid things like that. After all it's not like most guys wouldn't be thrilled to see her again. Not to blow her own whistle, but she just had heard these things, some people just know these things, it was hard to miss.


The way Seth looked had been plaguing her; she could not stop thinking about it. This was the biggest, and the only fight they had ever had and it was driving her crazy. It had never occurred to her, that hating someone could be so much work.

She sat there in the last period of school, just watching him. It almost broke her heart to see him in such a state. She wanted to make it better, but how could she do that. It was all being done for a reason, but part of her just didn't care anymore, part of her wondered whether it was worth it.

The last bell rang, But Belinda stayed in her chair. She was thinking, and when she looked up, Seth was also still there. But he was looking at her, he seemed to want to say something, but couldn't.

Belinda finally brought her gaze to meet his, and took in a deep breath; she had to keep herself calm. She couldn't let, her longing for their friendship over come, everything else, which she needed.

She finally got up, and grabbed her bag, placing her things inside. She then pushed in her chair, and walked over to the other side of the room, towards the door.

"Belinda!" Seth said, making her stop. She turned to him slowly, and tried to tell herself, to just keep walking, but she couldn't.

"What do you want, Seth?" she said, trying to sound bitter, but even she couldn't miss how shaky ti sounded.

"I just… I just wanted to say sorry" She paused in shock for a second.

"Your sorry…" she repeated, still frozen to the spot.

"I'm sorry, for whatever it is, you seem to think I have done" he said, making Belinda look up. And the fire came back into her eyes.

"I cant believe I was just about o forgive you." She said taking a step back. Seth seemed shocked.

"Belinda… please" he tried to grab her, but she pulled away.

"No, Seth! I wont… I am so sorry, I have to do this." She said turning and walking out of the room.

"What did you want me to say?" Seth Yelled. "You treated her wrongly… and you're blaming that on me." Belinda stopped, her anger rising again.

"No Seth! The point is, you were so quick to just think, that I was being a bad person. The person who was your best friend" she yelled, her tears welling up. "I thought that maybe I deserved a little more then that. Maybe a little trust. But no! You went straight to her side, believed everything! And then you…." She stopped, almost like she couldn't go on.

"Then what!' Seth yelled, Belinda's eyes shot up.

"Then you kissed her!" she yelled. "Obviously you found something more important then this relationship. It's nice to know, I'm being replaced by some dumb slut, who nobody seems to like bar from you." Spitting out the last part venomously.

Everything stopped for a moment, as Belinda told herself to calm down, and Seth just stared at her. With a look like he had just been slapped.

"Who told you that?" he finally asked, grabbing hold of Belinda's arm.

"Noone told me." She said. "I saw you"

"Belinda I'm…" Seth tried to say, but Belinda cut him off.

"You know, I was starting to feel bad. I was even ready to forgive and forget. But Seth I just can't do it, I don't know why? But you have just hurt me too deep"

Seth looked at her for a moment, speechless. Until he finally let go of her arm, the look in his eyes seemed like he was giving up. Belinda, felt her heart slowly breaking, she had said what she felt, and she had told him what she knew. It didn't help, in any particular way. But it had to come out.

Alls he wanted to do was cry. Let her heart pour out through her tears, but first she had to get away. She didn't want Seth to see her tears. And so Belinda walked away, not looking back. Even when the tears started to fall, she couldn't look back; it would be even more painful. She couldn't deal with any more pain, not at that moment, not for a while.


Ash had indeed lived to his word, and left her alone. But that was not the problem for Scarlett. As her mind was now tainted. She just kept thinking about the kiss, and the way it made her feel. And no matter how hard she tried, she couldn't get it out of her head.

She hated the fact that someone like Ash could affect her the way he was. She was annoyed that no matter were she was, someone would always bring him up. Every girl in the school was obsessed, which only made it harder to forget.

She was making her way out of the school, when one of her teachers stopped her. She tried to get away, but she couldn't, and she knew she was going to miss her bus. The teacher finally let her go, and even though she ran, it was too late. Her bus was gone, and now she had to walk.

Not that she minded that much; the walk would do her some good. But it was just so inconvenient. And besides Meredith was staying at her house. And she didn't want her to get there before her.

She began to walk along, realising how quiet it was in this part of town. When a car stopped beside her. She looked over rot see Ash. Scarlett looked away quickly, and kept walking. But Ash just got out.

"I can give you a lift, you know?" he said grabbing on her arm. Scarlett looked up at him.

"Yeah I know." She said. "But I don't want one from you" Ash rolled his eyes, and began to drag her over to the car.

"I wont try to kiss you, I promise," he said with a smirk.

"It's not that" she said, "it's more of a, I don't want you near me thing"

"Yeah well, you'd be stupid to walk. And besides, we live near each other" Scarlett let out a sigh.

"Fine!" she said, and got into the car. Ash laughed at her then started the car.

They drove on in complete silence, apart from the radio that was playing. Scarlett didn't want to look at Ash, in case she looked at his lips. After all she didn't want to give him the wrong idea. She didn't like him; it was no big deal if she enjoyed the kiss, that didn't mean anything.

Eventually he got her to her house, ad she could finally get away from him. But when she got out, Ash followed her to the front door.

"What do you want?" she said, turning to him.

"What! Makes you thing I want something?" he said, stepping closer to her, so that her back was almost against the door.

"The fact that you aren't still in you're car." She replied, feeling him step closer.

"You've got a point" he replied, stepping closer still.

"So what do you want?" she said, feeling her heart beat quicken just a little.

"Guess?" Ash said, before his lips were on hers.

Scarlett yet again wanted to push him away. And with every fibre in her body she was trying, but she couldn't. Instead she kissed back, feeling her back finally hit the door. And she gasped in surprise, giving Ash access to her mouth. She felt hot all over, and her arms wrapped around him, as one of his hands went down to her thigh.

It was only upon, Scarlett opening her eyes, that she saw Meredith walk up to her house, then stop in shock. That she finally pushed him away.

He looked at her with a smug expression, and then turned to see Meredith. He smiled again, and then walked down to his car.

"See ya! Scarlett" he said before driving off.

Meredith walked down to Scarlett, the confusion written all over her features.

"What was that?" she asked, to which Scarlett replied.

"You don't want to know!"

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