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Chapter 1

"I'm really sorry I can't come over today." Melissa said into the phone to Leona. Leona is Melissa's best friend. They have known each other since they were able to stand.
"Why not?" Leona asked sadly.
"I have to baby sit for my cousin." Melissa said. "Remember she has that wedding to go too today"
"Well okay, but call me if you get bored"
"Okay, bye." Melissa hung up the phone and stood up from her bed. She changed out of her pj's and put on a pair of low ride jeans over her slim hips. Looking through her closet she found her favorite black tank top. After putting on the shirt she walked into her bathroom and looked at her reflection in the mirror. "Oh lord. Can we say bad hair day." She mumbled to herself. Her long brown hair was full of snarls. She managed to work out the snarls and put light make-up on (just a little eye liner and mascara.) When she was satisfied that she didnt look like a troll she headed downstairs. Melissa's parents were not home. Her mom works for the local newpaper company. Her name is Roxanne. Roxanne is editor in chief of the paper. Melissa's dad Rich is a lawyer. Her parents were hardly ever home, much to Melissa's liking. Melissa was on summer break getting ready to start her senior year at Oakview high. When Melissa reached the bottom of the staircase she headed into the kitchen and grabbed her car keys and her purse. Before heading out the door she grabbed the camera bag from the living room table.
Melissa loves to take pictures. One day she wishes to become a photographer. She always takes her digital camera everywhere she goes. She locked up the house and got into her SUV. A gift from her parents for her 16th birthday two years ago. She headed to her cousin Amber's house. The drive was a peaceful ten minute ride. When she pulled up to Amber's house she noticed a moving can next door. "Hi." Amber said running outside, she had a yellow sundress on that went well with her auburn hair and slim figure. "Hey Amber." Melissa said getting out of the suv. "I am running a little late but the number you can reach me at are on the counter. Sarah and Jeremy are by the pool." Amber said opening her car door. "I left you money to buy pizza. I should'nt be no later than midnight"
"Okay sounds good well have fun and I will see you later." Melissa said waving her off. When Amber left Melissa went into the house and set down her purse. She headed out the slider doors to see Sarah and Jeremy waiting by the pool. "Hi guys." Melissa said as she made her way towards them. Sarah age 7 looked just like her mother. Jeremy age 9 looks just like his father, but both have the same auburn hair and eyes of Amber.
"Ok are you ready?" She asked knowing their reaction. "On your mark...get set...Go!" They both jumped in the pool. As they did their usual race Melissa set down her camera. and sat on a lawn chair. When they announced the winner (as always it was Jeremy) they swam to the side of the pool. "What took you so long?" Jeremy complained. "We have been roasting out here." "I know sorry." Melissa said with a grin. "Well are you going to get in with us?" Sarah said laughing. "No I'm just gonna sit here and work on my tan"
Melissa told them as she walked back to the house. "Stay in the shallow while I go change." Once inside the house she grabbed her bikini out of the Spare bedroom, and went into the bathroom to change. Melissa always kept clothes at Amber's house because it was like her second home. Wrapping a towel around herself Melissa walked back outside. Once she shut the slider she heard a loud bark and was knocked over by a large animal.
"Max!" A deep voice yelled. The dog was was still licking her face when the guy pulled the large retriever off of her. The Sun was shining right in her eyes so she could'nt see the face of her rescuer. "I am really sorry about that. Are you okay?" Came the voice again as he held out his hand to help her up.
"Yes I am fine." Melissa said as she took his offered hand. She finally could see this man, she could feel herself blush as she looked at him.
He was FINE! Not just fine but F..I..N..E! He has short dark brown hair, with dark eyes. He was wearing dark blue shorts and a white t shirt that showed off his muscled arms and shoulders. She blushed more as he smirked, and noticed when his glance shifted downward on her. She looked down and seen that the towel that was supposed to be wrapped around her had slipped off. Melissa gasped and bent down quickly and wrapped it back around herself. "Um..." Melissa Stammered. "Um My name is Justin." The hottie said reaching out his hand. "I'm Melissa." She said taking his hand in hers. "Did you um..just move here?" She asked not knowing what to say. "Yeah from Florida"
"Thats a big move." Melissa said looking at him and Max again. "Yeah Its a big change." Justin said and smiled. "You must be the famous cousin." Justin said after a moment. "Well I wouldnt say famous but cousin, yes." Melissa said, making a mental note of killing Amber when she had the chance. "Hi Justin!" Sarah and Jeremy said to him. "Hi guys!" He said waving. "Sorry, and girls!" He said catching himself seeing the look on Sarahs face. "Where is Jake at?" Jeremy asked doing backstrokes. "He over at the house unpacking." Justin replied.
He looked at Melissa and smiled again. "Jake is my brother." Justin explained to her. "Oh ok." She said while playing with a strand of her hair. "Do you wanna meet him?" He asked her. "Um...sure." They started around the house. "Hey Justin!" Jeremy yelled. Melissa and Justin turned to look at him.
Jeremy grinned, "Dont go getting any ideas about my cousin." "Jeremy!" Melissa said blushing once again. "Its ok." Justin said and smiled. They continued to walk around the house with Max at their heels. "Kids!" Melissa said smiling. He just looked at her and smirked. They reached the front of the house and another boy was sitting on the steps playing with a football. He looked just like Justin except his hair was a little longer. "Jake, this is Melissa. Amber's cousin. Melissa this is Jake." Justin introduced them. "Hello." Jake said with his hand out. "Nice to meet you." Melissa said to him. "Pleasures all mine." Jake said as he smiled. "Well I gotta get back before they kill each other." She said after she heard Sarah and Jeremy yelling. "It was nice to meet both of you." Melissa said walking back around the house. "See ya." They both said at the same time. Melissa smiled and left. She sat down on the lawn chair. Sarah looked at her and smiled, She smiled back.

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