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Mason was trying his damnedest to have a good time, but the truth was he was bored out of his skull. He sat in a chair nursing a beer, scowling darkly. Some party this was turning out to be.

"Hey, baby." Came a silky voice to his left. Mason didn't even bother to turn his head. He was only at this stupid party because he had gotten ditched. Ditched by the girl who called herself his best friend! His scowl got darker as he sipped his beer, remembering what had happened earlier that day.

"Hey Lina, guess what?" Anna asked Carolina, straddling the bench next to her.

Carolina looked at her friend curiously, stares for a moment then shrieks. "You got it, how, where, when?!" She hugged Anna excitedly.

"Down girl," Mason teased.

Carolina turned to him, trying to frown, but Mason could tell she was to happy. "You don't understand, we've been trying to find this for a while, but nobody around here has it, and now Anna found it!"

Mason laughed at her. It was hard not to, she was so adorable. "What did Anna find Blue Eyes?"

Anna held up a movie, and Mason groaned. "We're not watching that." He told her.

She looked at him like he was an idiot. "No, we're not, Anna, Sarah and I are."

Mason was instantly suspicious. "If this is some plot to make me feel bad, or left out-"

"Trust me it's not. You're not invited," Anna interrupted him.

Mason glared at her, but his gaze softened when Lina put her hand on his arm. "We're having a girls night." She said softly.

"Well what am I supposed to do then?" Mason half whined. "We always hang out on Friday's."

"That's not true and you know it." Lina said sharply.

He looked at her, surprised. She rarely spoke to anybody like that. Lina sighed. "I'm sorry, you know you're one of my best friends, but sometimes, I just want to watch a chick flick, in my pajamas, eating ice cream and squealing at the good parts, and tearing up at the sad ones, without you making fun of me."

"I didn't make plans for this weekend because I thought we were hanging out." He told her, trying to make her feel guilty. It wasn't something he could help. He didn't get to spend as much time with Lina as he would have liked, there was usually a party or something that he was going to, and when he wasn't she was busy. He tried giving her his best puppy dog eyes, but she just scoffed at him. "I'm sure there's something you can do tonight, besides I'll be free Saturday evening, we can hang out then."

"Yea but what am I supposed to do until then?"

Again she sighed, this time standing up.

"What are you doing?"

"Finding you something to do tonight."

He watched her walk over to the cheerleaders' table; or rather he watched her butt and hips sway as she walked.

Anna snickered. "You're checking out her ass."

"So?" He was casual about it. "She's got a nice one, and she knows I look, I look at every girls."

"Hey Mase, didn't you break up with Ashley last week?"

"Don't call me Mase, and yea, so?"

"Don't look now, but she's coming over with Lina."

Mason groaned.

And that's how he ended up at the party tonight, all because Lina had to have a damn girl's night, whatever the hell that was about. It was Ashley's party, but he was bored. He wondered what Lina was doing. It wasn't fair that she had become friends with his older sister, Sarah. It meant they had the ability to kick him out of his own house. He tipped the beer bottle back up to his mouth. Nothing. He looked inside the bottle morosely; it was empty. That meant he'd have to go get another one. Or rather have somebody get him another. He held the bottle out to his left. "Get me another." The bottle disappeared from his hand. Several minutes later, a busty blonde was in his lap, and another beer bottle in his hand.

Mason woke the next morning when the light from outside came streaming in through the window. "Ughh," He slowly sat up, his mouth feeling like he had stuffed cotton into it. He lifted his hand to brush the hair out of his face and immediately regretted it. He stunk, and badly. He found his clothes on the floor next to the bed, and put them on as quickly as he could, which wasn't very fast, considering the hammers in his head and lead weights on each of his fingers, arms, toes and legs. He walked downstairs, and out the door. He knew he probably shouldn't be driving home like he was, but he had to get home somehow. He stumbled through his doorway, and into Lina who was attempting to put her shoes on.

"Eww, you smell awful." She wrinkled her nose at him, while steadying him at the same time.

"Thanks," he mumbled sarcastically.

She sighed. "Can you make it up the stairs by yourself?"

"Sure." Talking only hurt his head more, so he was trying not to.

He could feel Lina looking at him trying to walk to the stairs. He didn't make it very far. She rolled her eyes at him, and pushed him to sit on the steps.

"Wait here a moment." She walked towards the kitchen, coming back minutes later with a glass of water in one hand, and what he prayed was asprin in the other.

It was, and the water was ice cold, but felt so good. "I love you right now."

"Yea, yea. Let's get you upstairs, so you can shower." She took his arm and put it over her shoulder, and put her other arm around his waist, steadying him as they slowly went up the stairs. "Now I'm going to need a shower." She muttered darkly.

The last thing he remembered was her sitting him on his bed and going out the door. He woke up and looked at the clock. It was five o'clock! And judging by the sky, almost dark, he'd been out for the entire day! And he didn't think he'd taken a shower yet. He lifted his arm, sniffed and winced. Apparently not yet. He groaned realizing he was supposed to hang with Lina tonight. He didn't see the note on his bathroom mirror until he got out of the shower.


don't worry about tonight, see you in school Monday.


Monday came, and Mason was trying to get over feeling guilty. He didn't see Lina until lunch. "Hey sorry about Saturday," he started, when she waved him off.

"Don't worry about it. Sarah lent me a new book so I had time to start it."

"Oh, ok then. So how was your girls' night?"

Lina's face lit up. She began to describe it but Mason wasn't really listening. He'd been let off the hook, which didn't explain why he still felt guilty.

A few weeks passed and Mason began making an effort to hang out with Lina more often. It was hard because she was impossible to pin down, especially at school. She also had trouble sitting still for more than five minutes, unless she was reading, and Mason knew not to come in between Lina and a good book. Prom was coming up soon, and Mason was dreading it. It would be his last dance in high school, and he really didn't feel like going. He also didn't feel much like getting drunk, especially if it meant having a hangover the whole next day. He wondered if Lina was going, and who she was going with. He decided to ask her at lunch. Surprisingly she wasn't at their normal table at lunch. He waited, and was curious as to what put the dark look on her face when she finally arrived. He was about to ask when Anna sat down breathlessly. "So is the story true, did you really punch Derek Koslowski?" She asked Lina.

Mason looked at Lina curiously. He knew she had a bit of a temper, but he'd never seen her angry enough to hit someone. "You punched someone?" He said wonderingly.

"He was being a jerk. It was self-defense. Now can everybody please leave me to eat my lunch in peace?" She demanded.

Mason heard later that Derek had been picking on Lina the entire semester. He was in her English class, because he had failed junior English last year. Derek was a bit of a bully, and enjoyed picking on those smaller than him. He also, Mason found out after having a little chat with him, had a small crush on Lina, and when she didn't respond to his "friendly" gestures, started belittling her, and teasing her, until she finally had enough. After Lina punched him, Derek's reputation as a tough guy was in ruins, mainly because she got him just right, with enough force and in just the right spot, so that he almost cried. Or so the story went. All Mason knew is that Derek had a small fist sized bruise on his stomach, and Mason made sure to give him a few more, for picking on his best friend.

Mason did end up going to prom, by convincing Lina to go with him. Well, Sarah helped. They used bribery in the end, bribing Lina with some homemade peanut butter fudge, and a new book that she'd had her eye on for a while.

Mason was amazed at how beautiful Lina could look. She wore a dark blue dress that matched her eyes, and made her brown hair seem almost blond. Her hair was done up in curls, with just a few strands hanging here and there. Mason hugged her. "How high are those heels?" He teased, "You actually come up to my shoulder in them."

She glared at him. "They're only three inch heels, thank you."

Mason had fun at prom; going with somebody he cared about was nice. They danced for most of the dances, and talked about the future. Mason promised to stay in touch, he was going to college out of state, to be an architect, and he even promised to build her dream house one day.

Lina fell asleep on his shoulder on the way home, and Mason suddenly realized how much he was going to miss her. He also kept having the urge to kiss her, but that was nothing new, he was used to ignoring that urge by now.

Mason hugged Lina the day he left for college, and once again promised to stay in touch. Unfortunately, as life goes, both had drifted apart, and it had been almost four years since he'd seen or talked to Lina.