"You are not wearing that to my wedding," Annie stated flatly.

"What's wrong with it?" Lina protested.

"You look like a teacher."

"I am a teacher. " Lina reminded her dryly.

"We have all day to shop for a new dress for you. There are plenty of shops around here. Maybe you could even show a little skin! What a concept that would be!"

"Annie shut up."

"I'll meet you outside at three then?"

Lina was not happy about buying a new dress, but it was Annie's wedding, she just hoped Annie wouldn't go to crazy. She tried convincing Sarah to come with them, but she just laughed at Lina. The problem was that Annie was an engineer and Sarah was a successful published author. They had money, where Lina didn't make much on a teacher's salary, and the trip here, plus hotel costs, and everything else was going to cost her almost a month's salary. Lina wasn't poor, but she lived frugally, and was saving to buy a house.

What Lina didn't know is that Annie had been watching her and Mason. Actually both Annie and Sarah had. Annie would have loved nothing more than to have Lina as an official sister, but most of all wanted the same happiness that she had found with Sarah for her brother and Lina and if it just so happened that they found it together, well all the better right?

"No way." Lina told Annie coming out of the dressing room. Annie had to laugh, it was a dark green dress, and the color looked nice on Lina, but everything else was wrong. The waist was to loose, the bust to tight, and the skirt to long. "You're right this is not the right dress for you. How about the next one?"

Lina grumbling went back into the dressing room. "Hey Lina, why didn't you come with anybody?"

"What do you mean?"

"Weren't you seeing somebody pretty seriously?"

"I thought so. But then… I don't know." Lina sighed. "All these little things started getting on my nerves, the way he chewed, how he walked, the cadence in his voice, and to top it off, he was just a really bad kisser, and I just couldn't…" She paused walking out of the dressing room, "Well?" She asked doing a spin.

"Better but still not quite right. So tell me more."

"I guess in the end we just weren't right for each other, you know?"

"Yea, and that dress is still a no, it looks like a flour sack on you."

"It's not that bad."

"Turn around, you look like you should have a sign that says wide load."

"Changing now." Lina said heading back into the dressing room.

"So do you want to get married?"

"Of course, and I plan to have kids, I just haven't found the right guy yet."

"What are you looking for?"

Lina sighed again. Looking in the mirror she liked the dress on her, but she knew she couldn't afford it. She walked out to show Annie anyway. "I guess I want a guy who loves me and accepts me not in spite of my faults, but because of them. He loves all my little quirks. That's the main one. But I also want someone who is easy-going for the most part, has a good job, loves kids, and has a family who likes me." She looked at Annie. "Do you think I'm asking to much?"

Annie looked back at her. "No not at all." She said firmly, she gave careful consideration to the dress on Lina. "You know that style isn't bad, but the color just isn't right. Let's keep looking, there's a ton of other shops along this street. "

They'd been looking at dresses for over three hours when Lina and Annie finally agreed on a dress. Well Annie found one she really liked and Lina was to tired to fight anymore.

Meanwhile, Mason had been working on plans for a new house. Although he could do most of the work on his laptop, he still preferred to sketch out new ideas in a notebook. It had taken him a while to earn enough money to buy a computer with all the things he needed, and because of this he had gotten used to sketching out ideas during grad school. Then when everything was done, he would use the library computers to make the plans look nice. His clients never knew all they saw was the finished product. It was funny, Mason was building million dollar homes, and yet he was living in a small townhouse. He thought about it now, looking at Lina's side of the bed, and wondered what she would think of it. Then he shook his head dismissing the idea, if she ever did see it, she would probably laugh, or be disgusted. It wasn't the cleanest, and didn't have a whole lot of furniture, but it was home. As for the furniture, well it had a bed, a couch big enough for guests to crash on, and a nice sized entertainment center, what more could a guy like him use? He glanced at the clock; it was only 4:30. He decided to go for a walk, but as soon as he opened the door; there was Sarah, her hand raised to knock.

"Hey Mase." She said simply, "wanna go get food with me?"

"Of course, when else this week am I going to get to spend such quality time with my sister?"

They decided to go for pizza at the hotel restaurant. Sarah drank lemonade; Mason was slowly drinking a beer. "You know I still can't believe you're getting married." Mason told his sister.

Sarah straightened, looking almost defensive. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Weren't you the one who always used to say marriage is for old people, and women having babies? As far as I know you are neither old, or pregnant, unless there's something you want to tell me." Mason teased.

Sarah rolled her eyes at him. "Shut up. " She leaned forward grabbing another slice of pizza. "So what's going on between you and Lina? Anything I should know?"

Mason was silent for a moment, and Sarah's eyes widened. "You like her!"

Mason looked at his sister, with a duh expression on his face. "I have since high school."

"So why didn't you do anything about it then or now?"

"Do you remember prom?"

"I know you took Lina, so why didn't you do anything then?"

"I tried. But she wouldn't have anything to do with it. She said I was leaving to go to college, as was she in a year, and we were just too different. We could be good friends and that's it."

"Oh." Sarah was silent a minute, remembering and thinking. "Hmm. That's odd, because if I remember correctly she was fighting feelings for you, too."

"Fighting feelings? What do you mean?"

"Well… it's just…"

"Sarah what?" Mason asked impatiently.

"Mason do you remember yourself back in high school? What one of your favorite activities was?"


"You liked to get drunk and sleep around. That's not what she wanted at the time. Besides that, her parents were fighting all the time, as well as she had been warned, many times by the little clique of girls that was always around you not to do anything with you, and in high school that's a big thing."

"So because some girl told her not to date me, she wouldn't? That doesn't sound like Lina."

"Mason!" Sarah took a breath, and then exhaled, trying to be patient. "Not some girl, several, and they threatened her with bodily harm."

"I would have protected her." Mason said stubbornly.

"But who would have protected her from you?"

Mason looked up puzzled.

"Mason you were eighteen, and hell on wheels. You went through girls like used bubblegum. She was sixteen and very protective of her heart."

Mason closed his eyes and thought. "It's all starting to make sense."

"I thought it might."

"And now we are thousands of miles apart. I still don't have a chance."

"Let me tell you something that Annie told me once. If it's meant to be, it's meant to be, and it will happen."

Mason growled at her. "You know what…"

"What?" Sarah wrinkled her nose at him, and Mason just laughed. Just then Sarah's phone rang. "Hey Annie, how's the shopping going? Yea? Uh huh, uh huh, no actually I am eating pizza with Mason. No, yes, yes, no, yes that one. Ummm, we're at the back table, away from the TV. Yea, yes I see you, hey Annie, make sure you sit next to me, ok?" She closed her phone and looked at Mason. "We're here for five more days, that 'meant to be' phrase, sometimes needs a little help."

Annie and Lina walked over to their booth just then, and Annie quickly sat next to Sarah, kissing her cheek. Lina plopped next to Mason and put her arms on the table, then put her head on them. Mason hesitated a moment then at both Sarah and Annie's look began to rub Lina's back. "Are you ok?" he asked.

Lina groaned in response. She tilted her head to look at him. "You're soon to be sister in law is a nightmare when it comes to shopping."

Mason tried hard not to laugh.

"You laugh now, just wait until you have to go dress shopping with her."

"Yes, Mason, just wait until you and I need to get you your first dress." Annie said her voice quivering with laughter.

"Shuddup all of you." Lina said, but she too had begun to laugh. She sat up, and unconsciously leaned against Mason, who moved his hand from her back to her waist to hold her.

They ordered desert, and then when the bill came, Mason reached for it quickly. "My treat for all my favorite girls."

All three girls rolled their eyes, and Sarah smacked him. All four said good night and went back to their rooms. Tomorrow was spa day, as both Sarah and Annie wanted a girls day.