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The Last Agnitiora

Chapter 1: Aislin

Aislin was scared.

She was scared, not of the intimidating history teacher that paced before her or the test that was about to be given in exactly five minutes, but of herself. Last week, she had looked into that same intimidating history teacher's eyes and seen something that she regretted. Now, Aislin's perception of Mrs. Earhart would be forever skewed.

"Aislin?" She froze. Don't look at her.

"Ms. Earhart?" Aislin kept her gaze on the crisp pages inside her binder.

"Are you okay? You've been kind of quiet lately…" Aislin heard the familiar blend of conversation and the shuffling of students entering the classroom. She was being warier than usual, but she knew she had to be. After what happened last time she looked into her teacher's eyes, she couldn't afford any more accidents.

"I'm fine. Just a little tired, that's all." Ms. Earhart looked relieved; in her eyes, Aislin was just the typical, good, stressed-out student. Aislin laughed inwardly at the thought.

"Well, I hope you don't fall asleep on the test today." Her teacher chuckled. It fell flat, though, and Aislin fought the urge to fidget uncomfortably.

Ms. Earhart's attention was soon diverted from Aislin, thankfully. She let out a little sigh of relief. Last Friday was horrible; she spent the whole weekend mentally beating herself up for being so stupid. Her teacher's life was none of her business. Curiosity killed the cat.

Suddenly, the person sitting behind her tapped her on the shoulder. Aislin flinched at the dangerous feeling of physical contact but turned around nonetheless.

She should have been more careful. Jordan looked straight into her eyes, and Aislin knew immediately what was to come.

He lives with his parents on the rich side of town. Every week, he gets five hundred dollars in allowance. But he's been sad lately because his parents are starting to ignore him. He wishes he could go back in time to stop his father from starting a multi-million dollar shipping company. Maybe he could be happy again. Maybe he wouldn't have to drink to relieve the pain.

Aislin groaned at this sudden burst of information, crouching into a ball. Facts about this teenage boy continued to bombard her, and she closed her eyes in confusion. How could I be so stupid? Aislin bit her lip to keep from screaming. The sickening iron taste of blood filled her mouth. I can't draw attention to myself.

Aislin unwound herself from the ball of safety and straightened her posture. She remembered what her counselor told her to do to block the stream of knowledge. Of course, the counselor only thought that she was a "greatly gifted individual" and that headaches were normal, but the tactics that the counselor introduced to her actually worked. Imagining herself gathering logs after logs after logs and piling them up in a river, she made a dam to block the flow of facts that attacked her. Soon, enough wood was gathered, and the water stopped flowing. Aislin opened her eyes.

"Are you on crack?" the source of her distress asked jokingly from behind. Or not so jokingly. "Did you hear me? I said, pass back the papers." Aislin didn't bother to turn around. If she had another incident, she might turn stark raving mad.

Not bothering to answer the rich boy, Aislin gathered the test papers from the front of her desk and passed them back. No one else seemed to have noticed her episode. Maybe she was getting good at hiding the pain.

Aislin glanced at her test paper and started bubbling in the answers robotically. A, B, A, D, C, A, B, B, D, C—Aislin paused abruptly. Put an A, not a C. I can't get another 100. The answers came like a stream of thought, and her hand worked in sync with the stream.

Soon, Aislin finished the test, and a glance around the room told her that she was the first one finished. A little tear trickled down Aislin's face and onto her test paper. She was tired of being a robot, tired of being less than human. Suddenly realizing her vulnerable position, Aislin covered her face with the overlong sleeves of her black sweatshirt.

The remnants of Aislin's single tear dried quickly, as if the tear had never existed.

Who is he? Aislin's brow furrowed. She was heading to her locker during break when she noticed this new kid. The first thing that stood out was his smug expression. He was new and lonely…and smug? That didn't make any sense.

He had hair the color of the midnight sky, black with those purple undertones. It contrasted with his pale, lifeless skin, similar to his grey, knowing eyes. When she came to his eyes, she paused. There was something strange about them that she couldn't put a finger on.

Her prolonged stare at him didn't go unnoticed. His head suddenly turned, and their eyes met…yet, there was nothing. There was no informative stream of thought or instinctive knowledge of his character. This put Aislin out of her comfort zone. Is he dangerous? She couldn't help but think that there was something wrong with him if she didn't know.

And yet, instead of repelling her, the danger made her curious. She had a sudden urge to talk to him, but it soon passed when he disappeared mysteriously into the crowd.

A queen waited patiently in the front room of her cottage for an honest and loyal messenger. Her golden-brown hair was coiled into a loose braid, and her brown eyes were soft and wise. Despite her seemingly ageless face, she had guided her people for many years. That was just one of the many benefits of being a Chamyran queen, but she had not asked for it. The ground tingled slightly, and the queen straightened. Her messenger was here.

A large hole appeared in the air from seemingly nowhere, its edges gold and shining. The queen wasn't alarmed, though. She smiled slightly as the pale young man with dark hair and faded eyes emerged from the hole.

"Darius?" She said her messenger's name slowly, enunciating each syllable. Her tone invited confidence without demanding it.

"My Queen, I come with pleasing news-"

"Darius, please don't call me that. People might think I actually have some power." Her eyes twinkled with humor.

The messenger, however, ignored the request and continued on. "The girl, she's the one. I felt the presence of Knowledge in her."

If the queen was excited, she didn't show it. She simply nodded and said, "You know what to do."

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