It had promised to be a cool night in Svatri, as the sun had just started to dip below the horizon. The sky was streaked a brilliant red, and the cityscape of Behro was dancing with flames.

Standing atop a tall building that had yet to be touched by the destruction, the Silver Dragon had a look of indescribable rapture upon his face as he surveyed the carnage. Ashes, smoke, and the scent of blood rose and mixed with the night air; the heat of the flames contrasted sharply with the cool breeze at his back, and the sunset-stained sky cast an ethereal glow on the burning city. His subordinates, lesser serpents and noble dragons who had turned to his cause, wheeled about in the air and snapped at the fleeing humans.

But they would not attack. Tonight's event was not a massacre—it was only a warning.

The Silver Dragon laughed, thrusting out his arms in triumph. "Look how they scurry in fear! Where is your Goddess, vermin? Wherefore has she not yet come to your aid? Has she abandoned you in your direst hour?" He turned to the knight beside him. "What say you? Isn't it remarkable? Like insects, they swarm and plague whatever they touch…but, also like insects, they are just as easily scattered when shown a bit of might."

The black knight said nothing, taciturn as usual, and gazed out over the city with emotionless eyes.

Yuki, standing on the Silver Dragon's other side, twirled his daggers in his hands while watching the dragons at work. "…Hey, boss. Why don't we just kill 'em? It'd be a lot less work, wouldn't it?"

"And cause needless deaths?" the Silver Dragon said dryly. "No, that would never do… Tonight, Behro shall be a lone beacon in the darkness of Anaaius—a shining example to all the lowly species that roam this world, to show that they can no longer hide behind their impudent Goddesses."

Yuki tilted his head, holding one of his blades up to the sky. The fading sun and burning fire-light glittered off its edge. "The Goddesses, eh… And what of the Shi Tennin?"

"The Shi Tennin…?" The Silver Dragon paused. "…They may be dragons, but to style themselves as gods is mere naivety. The Shi Tennin are naught but traitors to their own race, and shall suffer the same expulsion as those below them. Then, we shall reclaim this world for ourselves…" He turned once more to the knight, placing a hand on his shoulder. "And then… Perhaps you, too, shall resurrect your own race."

The black knight remained silent. The expression in his eyes hardened.

"…Huh?" Something caught Yuki's eye. In the distance, there was a figure, stark white against the smoke, fighting off several dragons at once. "…Tch. I'll be damned if that guy thinks he's going to interfere—"

He had stepped forward, intending to go after the white figure, but was stopped when the black knight roughly stopped him with his arm. "…That one's mine," he growled, sounding lethal. The knight ran and leapt off the building, four black, feathered wings unfurling from his back.

Yuki tilted his head again, confused. "…Eh? What was that about?"

The Silver Dragon watched the knight fly off, an amused look on his face. "…If I am correct in thinking that this newcomer is a certain angel…then I believe it may be a certain grudge, of sorts."